November 18, 2011

Mmmm Noms

For all the green choices I've made in my life I just can't shake my love of Taco Bell. I know that by purchasing Taco Bell I am supporting big farms like Monsanto and unhappy cows. But I can't help myself. I am my father's daughter. He loves Taco Bell and has for decades. I never tire of it. It's actually pathetic how much I like that crap.

Tonight, I just ate one burrito supreme, a hard shelled taco supreme and two tacos. I hadn't eaten anything real all day so by the time I go out of work at 9:30 and made it to Taco Bell I had to stop and eat one of the tacos before I could finish driving home. I should've taken better care of myself but when I don't work my usual 9am to 6pm-ish shift my whole meal plan is out of whack. And that's what happened today- I worked 12:15 to 9:30 and didn't keep a regular eating schedule. I really need to get better at that. I didn't even work out, this Taco Bell is going to sit like a brick in my stomach. But oh, it's tasty.

November 17, 2011

This Again

I can't believe I'm doing this again. I'm going to see this movie at midnight tonight. My friend is already waiting in line- she's been there since 8. But I just got home, it's now 9 and I need to refresh a little before I head back out into the night.

Why? Why am I going? I'm thirty years old. These books and movies are terrible.

And yet I own every book and have seen every movie. I'm ridiculous.

November 16, 2011

Phantogram's "Don't Move"

I love this band. You should too.

Buy this single. Listen to this loudly in your car. Have a good day.

November 15, 2011

I Could Eat Naan All Day

I signed up for Groupon a few months back and I really like it. It's a website where people get daily offers to buy a coupon that a certain number of people have to buy in order to make the coupon valid. Hence the "group" in Groupon. Mike and I are able to do things like go to basketball games, dinner or buy baked goods. I don't buy many because a lot of Groupons are for things we just will never use like taking a picture and putting it on canvas so it looks like a painting. I don't want that. That's cheesy. You'd be surprised at how many companies there are that do that. But there are also a lot of restaurants that we like that come up and things we can use as gifts.

I have a few that I need to use before they expire. I have one for an Indian restaurant that I like but there isn't any parking (for when I do have the car), I don't want to walk there and I have to dine in per the coupon. Yes yes yes. I'm lazy. But I have to use it by December 8th or I wasted the money I used to buy it. It was $10 buys me $20 worth of Indian food. I love Indian food so I was all about it. I love garlic naan, cheese naan, vegetable korma, vegetable biryani, samosas (not the alcoholic beverage a pastry filled with veggies and spices), aloo palak. Nom nom nom. I usually get Indian food as delivery when Mike's out of town for dinner. He doesn't like Indian food so I treat myself to it when I'm alone. Now I just need to get off my lazy-ass and get myself there. Probably on December 8th.

November 14, 2011

This is a Terrible Post

I'm beat. I had a meeting with my arts grants committee. I didn't participate in the panel last year because I worked at the Arts Center and I couldn't be a panelist. But the year before was a really rewarding experience so I couldn't wait to be a part of it again. It was a short and sweet meeting but because we met at my place of work I still had an hour-long bus ride home. Mike suggested we meet at the mall so he could drive me home. Then he got a hair cut and I got a pepperoni pretzel.

A pepperoni pretzel you say? Well yes. It was an Aunt Anne's pretzel covered with cheese and pepperoni. And on top of that I got pretzel bites because what if the pepperoni pretzel wasn't good? I know the chances of that are really slim. I mean who doesn't love pepperoni? Even vegetarians like pepperoni. Anyway, all the greasy food was good. But it's not helping me stay very awake. Or write a coherent post. So, sorry. The pepperoni pretzel failed. But not in my belly.

November 13, 2011

The Warm and Fuzzies

I'm indifferent about Jennifer Aniston as a person. I appreciate her grace and poise in handling all the personal stuff that's been dragged through the public eye- her mom being cray cray and that divorce from what's-his-name. But she doesn't really do much to stretch her acting chops and her projects strike me as safe. I mean, she seems nice enough. Just kind of vanilla. That being said, she's made two of my most favorite movies.

The first one is Picture Perfect. It was done in 1996 back when Jay Mohr wasn't all bloated and still had potential, Kevin Bacon's face didn't look like a caricature of itself and Jennifer Aniston still ate carbs. I would put it on when I was falling asleep in my old Fredericksburg apartment. I watched it over and over again. I'm surprised my VHS still works. Aniston plays a working gal who wants to move up in her company. Unfortunately her boss thinks her life is too uncommitted to promote her so she makes up a fiance and hires Jay Mohr to be him. Meanwhile Kevin Bacon is her love interest. Confusion and reconciliation abounds. It's all very cute. Oh, throw in Olivia Dukakis and I love it.

The other is 2009's Management. I watched it because the movie blog I used to read all the time gave it a pretty solid review so I gave it a shot. It's a little crazy- Steve Zahn meets her at the hotel his family runs, he falls for her and proceeds to follow her around the country trying to convince her to fall in love with him. Yeah, crazy. But they have lovely chemistry, the characters challenge each other to be better versions of themselves and the New Pornographers did the music. It's just a lovely little movie. I always watch it when I have the chance. You should too.

Both movies just let me get all happy without getting all mushy. They are sweet and endearing. That's probably what she's like in person. The characters could easily be each other a few years apart, there's no range between the two. But I don't care. The movies do what movies are supposed to do- take me out of my life and take me for a journey into another. And I appreciate that.

November 12, 2011

She Doesn't Offend Just Herself

Fluffy has taken her idiosyncrasies to new heights. She has climbed up the ladder from puking everywhere to peeing on my pillow and finally to shitting on the carpet. Imagine the plastic fake poops you can buy at the gag store- that's what they look like. She just has the most disgusting bowel movements right outside the bathroom, which also happens to be right outside the bedroom. Good morning!! Last night the stink of it all actually woke me up.

I've figured out what makes her do it. It has nothing to do with how much is in her litter box or how clean the litter box is. It has everything to do with how recently she just had a stinky poop. She is so persnickety she can't be bothered to poop where she has already pooped before. I have to scoop up the stinky poop almost immediately otherwise she makes her way to the hallway to continue her pooping. Because, yep, she'll do it mid-poop. She'll start in the litter box then make her way to the hallway, where she finishes, because she is so offended by herself.

But please tell me that other cats do this. She is so exhausting. She is particular about everything! Her food allergies. The kind of litter she uses. She doesn't like to be brushed. All of things I can ultimately handle. I don't like it but I deal with it. But I would really like her to poop where she's supposed to poop. Where she used to poop all the time! What is going on?? FLUFFY!!

November 11, 2011

It's a Great Skirt!

Should I write something about today being 11-11-11? Or should I write about today being Veteran's Day? Or should I write about neither because I got nothing on 11-11-11 and veterans get me emotional? Neither it is. So I'll complain about J Crew.

A few months ago I went to some shopping outlets and meandered over to J Crew. I was trying on some colorful stuff and needed something neutral. I found a black pencil skirt- it was the only not pastelly thing in the store. I didn't think I could pull of a pencil skirt but I grabbed it anyway. When I put on the skirt, expecting discomfort, there was a collective gasp with me and my friends. My ass looked amazing. There was no way I wasn't going to buy that skirt. So I did. And it was magical.

I wore it maybe twice before I realized the hem was coming undone and the slit up the back was creeping open up towards my ass. I was so mad! This is J Crew. The First Lady wears J Crew. Why is my skirt falling apart after only two wears? I wrote them an angry email, complete with pictures, saying that I had to get a tailor in order to get the skirt fixed because I couldn't fix this stuff myself. I didn't know if it would get a response. I didn't know what the response would entail. Would I get money back, a new skirt, a kiss off? But I did find out quickly. I was told that if I got the skirt tailored they would reimburse me up to $50. Not the best, because now I had to actually find a tailor. But better than nothing.

So find a tailor I did. Two months after I sent the original email. I sent the receipt and we'll see if something happens. It better. Because I spent too much money on this skirt in order for my tailoring to not be reimbursed. I'm too broke for this shit.

November 10, 2011

Oh Where Oh Where

Today was a rough day. I thought I lost my watch because I looked everywhere for it and I couldn't find it ANYWHERE. So I went without a watch all day. I was so uncomfortable. I've worn a watch on my left wrist since I was nine. I feel more naked without my watch than I do when I'm actually naked. I look at this watch for the date, the time, and guidance in my life. It tells me when the moon will set, what time lunch is and if my ass looks fat in those pants. It has saved me from much embarrassment and from eating a bad burrito.

I searched high and low for the watch. I opened up the couch, I checked the fridge, I checked where I normally put it at the end of the day. Nothing. I thought I could put a bracelet on to mimic the feel of my watch but it was too light. I had to go on with my day. I had to be brave.

When I got home, close to accepting that I just somehow lost my watch, when I put my hand in the couch one last time. Voila! My watch!!!! It was there all the time. Where I looked first thing this morning. I'm a dumb-ass. But at least I don't feel naked anymore. I feel triumphant. So what should I wear tomorrow Watch?

November 9, 2011

Albums I Stole From My Dad

My dad has great taste in music. Sometimes I find his choices questionable like certain Linkin Park albums or his inexplicable, unironic love of Enya. But I love my dad and I love listening to these albums because they make me think of him and that I should probably replace these albums. Or at least feel some guilt for stealing them. Why didn't I just buy them? That's an excellent question. One that I don't have an answer for.

Peter Gabriel, "So." 1986.
This album is amazing. It hung around our house for probably ten years before a young, impressionable version of myself saw Say Anything and decided I needed to revisit the album. Not only does it have the tired love song (that I'm still totally obsessed with) "In Your Eyes" but "Sledgehammer," "Don't Give Up," and "Big Time." It's an amazing album start to finish. I'm glad I stole it. But this is the one that makes me feel the most guilty.

Tom Jones, "Reload." 1999.
When we moved to England in the summer of 1999, right after I graduated high school, this album was kind of blowing up the UK charts. "Tom Jones?" you say? Yes my friends. Tom Jones. He paired up with the Bare Naked Ladies, Natalie Imbruglia, Portishead (!) and The Cardigans- which is my favorite cover on the album, The Talking Heads' "Burning Down the House." I stole this immediately. Dad never had a chance.

The Beatles, "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band." 1967.
This must've been the first CD my dad bought because I remember this being played as a CD, not a record, since I was probably eight. I have so many visceral memories connected to this album. One time I was alone when "Fixing a Hole" was played and I convinced myself I saw a ghost in the house. I couldn't be alone when that album played for a few years. "She's Leaving Home" prepared me for what would happen when I moved out. The sense of loss was so great in that song I felt my parents' future pain. And "Day in the Life." Whenever I hear that song I have to stop and listen. I think it is one of the greatest songs ever written. It makes my heart ache.

Now that I've come clean, I'd understand if you wanted me to replace these, Dad. These are three pretty amazing albums and I robbed you of the joy they bring. So... I guess I just gave away what you're getting for Christmas this year. You didn't read this. "Read what, Kath?" Exactly, Dad. I love you. Thank you for bringing such wonderful music into my life. I can never thank you enough.

November 8, 2011

Rock Lobster

Two posts ago was my four-hundredth post on this blog! I didn't realize it until I posted it. And then I didn't do anything about it yesterday because I was busy trying to post before midnight and was dead-tired.

On Sunday I went grocery shopping at a new (new for me) grocery store. I was looking for pizza dough and near the section that had the dough I noticed some little prepackaged single meals. I spotted lobster macaroni next to salmon with pilaf and green beans. I was surprised that the store had these dinners. I just never noticed them before. I was thinking I wanted to start bringing frozen meals to work because a lot of coworkers eat them and they always smell so good. But I stopped eating those because I want to eat more real, fresh food in my day. Finding these pre-made meals is awesome! They're fresh and have nutritional value on them so I don't have to think guess about the Weight Watchers points!

I didn't buy the lobster macaroni and cheese on Sunday because it had twenty (!!) grams of fat and fifty-one grams of carbs. Holy smokes! So I got the salmon. Which was lovely! I wasn't hungry for the rest of the afternoon and it was flavorful and awesome. I just wish I had another way to heat it up other than the microwave. As good as it was I still wished I bought the lobster mac and cheese. Tonight, I had dinner to myself and I knew I had to get it. So I did. (And also another salmon and a meatloaf with mashed potatoes!!) And it was... pretty good. I would probably get it again but for the high fat and calories there wasn't enough lobster to justify it. Thanks to the microwave, the lobster, the little there was, ended up being a little tough. I don't regret getting it at all. I would've daydreamed about it until it was warm and in my belly. Which is where it is right now. And I am very happy about that.

November 7, 2011

Under the Wire

I was out late with some coworkers at our second monthly game night. It was an idea long before I started there but interest seemed to peak and here it finally started in October. We chose a Monday because Monday nights are typically devoid of performances so the chances that all of us would be available are greater. Being theatre people we'd all either be in a show or working a show if it was any other night of the week. So sexy Mondays it is.

The hostess, Sophia, also works at another theatre related job so she invited some of those fabulous people to join us in the game night. The more the merrier for sure. The first game night was a little segregated so we were hoping to avoid that this month. It started out a little oil and watery but we were able to bring us all together with a game called "Battle of the Sexes." We all know how much I loooooove gender games. And this gender game was no different.

It really is men against women. And if this game is to be believed men know nothing about shoes, cooking, sewing and Sex and the City. Women know nothing about sports, politics and music. We had one man and one woman (actually yours truly) who sort of played against type. He knew all about sewing and I knew politics. The only reason I didn't get us further advanced is because we as a group second guessed ourselves- something we figured out was a gender-based issue. Well played creators of "Battle of the Sexes."

Sexism of the game aside, it was another successful game night. I can't wait for December when we have a Christmas theme. I'm actually starting to get really excited about this Christmas season. I've already started singing my favorite song. One I'll share with you later this month.

November 6, 2011

Faded Nevertheless

Does everyone remember their first kiss? Unfortunately I do. His name was Jerry. We lived in California at the time. And I was finally coming into my own there. He was in tenth grade and I was in ninth grade. He was a total motorhead who somehow didn't care that I had the highest grade in our Geometry class. We talked all the time on the phone. My dad must've reigned my mother in because neither one bothered me about him- asked who he was or whatever. Or they just didn't think twice about a boy calling me often. Even when I asked if he could come over and watch Dazed and Confused they were pretty cool. I think my dad was not around due to work or something but my mom was. And she made sure that we knew she was right in the other room. She kept sending my brother into the room to "check on the cats."

The kiss was... terrible. I don't know if his tongue was in my mouth. I think it was because when we pulled away from each other there was some spittle involved. It was gross. But I didn't care. I was on cloud nine. It was my first kiss and he was so cool. I couldn't believe he liked me. It was an amazing feeling. Drool and all.

Later he dropped me for a friend of mine who put out. It was really typical. But it stung nevertheless. I stupidly didn't know when to quit. I called a bunch. I even dedicated a song to him on the radio. Mazzy Star's "Fade Into You." Great song, but a terrible cry for love when you're fourteen and don't know what to do with yourself. I would say the whole thing was embarrassing except it totally worked for me in college. Just kidding, I didn't do it in college. Ok, I would have if I had a radio station to call. I know it would've worked that time. Right? I think so. Yes. Yes, it would've.

November 5, 2011

Hitting the Pavement

It's been such lovely weather this past week up here in Upstate New York. Perfect Autumn weather- the high 50s to low 60s, sunny with blue skies abound. We had a small snow storm Halloween weekend but it melted by the next day. It made me think of when I was a kid trick or treating in Upper Michigan in the snowflakes. So I was like, I didn't know when I moved back there. Let's just hope there's no Mother's Day snowstorm. Anyway, I've been doing my morning workouts a teeny bit differently because of the weather.

I take the 6:45am bus in the mornings to get to the Schenectady YMCA by 7:30am for my workout date with my friend Lynette. Usually we do some cardio on an elliptical or the stationary bikes then use the weight machines. I run outside on my days off. But Lynette's not been making the workouts lately but I'm still getting on the 6:45am bus. Except by the time I get to the Y the sun is up and shining. (I love that I get to see the sunrise on my bus route. It may not be a pretty ride, but when there's no cloud cover it pays off.) So I started thinking that I need to take advantage of the sun and the cold but manageable temperature. And I really like the area the Y is located in, it's historic Schenectady and there's a beautiful cemetery just up the road. So I started running outside and doing those calisthenics in the Y. Then I shower and I head to work across the street.

Since I like this new routine I wonder if I need to keep my Y membership. But then I start thinking about how it's not always going to be that easy and safe to run outside. The sidewalks in the Capital Region don't ever seem to stay clean in the winter and I can't exactly comfortably run in a cemetery in the winter. Also, the sun won't always be high enough at 7:30am or even 8am. I almost texted a coworker to let him know that if I don't show up then he can find my raped and murdered body in the cemetery. And I can't exactly swim in just any body of water around here. So I need the pool.

But until that time comes I'm really enjoying my morning workouts. I do something at least five days a week. If I'm really on top of it I do it six days a week. I took today off, which I regret due to the weather being so glorious, because I know my body needs to fully relax. And I'm a not easily relaxable person. But I look forward to my workouts. It's been too long since I've felt this way. Plateau aside, I'm enjoying myself.

Sexy Pizza Pants Time

Oh my gosh. I'm writing this post on my Palm Pre cell because I almost forgot to write a post today!! The formatting on this thing is HORRENDOUS. And I can't see anything that I'm typing. So I'm sitting here sobering up after a big glass of wine with my buds Emily and Karla in their sexy new apartment.

I have a confession to make. I picked up our dinner which was pizza and antipasta and I bought my own separate pizza to eat later but ended up eating two slices of it in the car on my way over. While wearing white jeans and driving a stick shift. I'm classy all the way. And now I'm really full and really uncomfortable.... It's my own fault.

November 3, 2011

Still Workin' On My Fitness

I've been changing my workouts up a bit. I'm tired of being on a nasty plateau and really want to be fit in a new way. So I've taken to Pinterest to look for workouts. Strange forum I know since the website is mostly used for style, but I stumbled upon some leg workouts that piqued my interest.

The font may be really small but the images are all I need in order to get my point across. The stability ball workouts are proving the toughest. I keep falling off the ball. I've had a workout buddy for the past few months. She hasn't been going with me since I've started using the balls and could actually use some help. This morning I did two circuits straight and in the first circuit I made it without falling once! I think I'm just getting more used to how to situate myself on the balls to start off. Luckily there weren't too many people around to look at me roll flat onto my ass.

I did this plus another squat jump and I couldn't walk normally for three days. I moved like the bug (Vincent D'Onofrio) in Men in Black. It was terrible! I've since done a better job by not doing three sets of jump squats in a row. I could barely get up from my final set. I don't expect my legs and ass to look like the image above (I'm not convinced it's real) but I would like mine to be tighter. Maybe bounce a quarter off of it...

One goal is to have stronger runs. I think I'm starting to feel a difference in the brief runs I'm going on. I want to have my best triathlon season yet. And I'd like to feel not so much more powerful as less weak. But the fact that the stability ball workouts are about overall strength, I think I'll work on those more. If I can just stop rolling off them like an oiled up sumo wrestler.

November 2, 2011

Heart Disease Schmart Disease

I watch a lot of teevee. A lot a lot. According to all the articles I read about heath and hours of television I should be the fattest, deadest Katherine there ever was. I watch so much television that no matter how healthy I eat and how much I work out, I will die an early death from heart disease. At least this way I have control of how I bow out. Unless I get hit by a bus. Which is very likely considering how much I ride the bus.

There are a lot of old standards that we're sticking to like The Good Wife (Which just keeps getting better. How is that POSSIBLE!?), The Closer, and How I Met Your Mother. But like the optimist I am I love trying out new sitcoms. I love 'em. I watch sitcoms past their expiration date sometimes because I just can't find it in me to give up on them. Same thing with some dramas. But there are some winners this season that I'm enjoying very much

The New Girl. Zooey Deschanel plays a young woman who needs to find a new apartment and ends up living with dudes. She's very wacky and as someone said on my Facebook emo-cute. And she can be a little unreal in her adorable quirkiness but I spent last night's episode gasping for air I was laughing too hard.

Two Broke Girls. This one took a little warming up. The rich girl gone poor character is a little tough to swallow sometimes but Kat Dennings' sarcasm evens it out and makes the show pretty funny and enjoyable.

The Ringer. Sarah Michelle Geller is not a draw for me. But Kristoffer Polaha and Ioan Gruffudd are draws for me. Not just because they are dreamy but because I like their work in other projects. Even if Ion Gruffudd was a terrible Mr. Fantastic. But what do I know? I refused to watch the movie because of Jessica "I'm barely attractive but only if I keep my mouth closed" Alba. SMG plays twins and there's mystery a-gogo. So I won't try to boil it down at this point.

So, me and my heart disease riddled body will continue to enjoy these shows. Not to mention Masterpiece Mysteries and Supernaturals (which bounced back this season!!). Kisses!!

November 1, 2011

They Overcame

The strike ended yesterday at about 3:30 in the afternoon. Nine days of protest and struggle. I don't know how the contract hammered out but I know the teachers really feel that they were victorious and that they really came out on top.

I walked the picket line with them on Friday. The short of it is these teachers are amazing. The long of it is I was overwhelmed and humbled by their perseverance and bravery. I did very little of actual walking because since Mike was such an integral part of the strike I went with him all over the place. We went to strike headquarters a bunch, another meeting place where he could hammer out contract details and I went around with some friends of mine to hand out information to the other picket lines at other schools. I got to see my friends in action, standing up for what they believe in, standing up for themselves. It was a truly amazing experience.

There is hope that the school board learned something here. That imposing a contract, without any concern with what concerns the other party, is wholly wrong. Especially when you are woefully uneducated in what really goes on. When details of negotiations and sticking points came out, it was clear that those board members never spend time in a classroom. No, a school. That they don't understand what teachers actually do in their day was blatantly apparent. That is sad. And what is sadder is that these people will get reelected next year because no one will run against them. Either no one wants to or no one thinks they can beat the incumbents. Let's hope someone out there really paid attention and that that someone will run for school board and that that someone will do everything they can to not let this happen again. But right now all we can do is hope.