November 12, 2011

She Doesn't Offend Just Herself

Fluffy has taken her idiosyncrasies to new heights. She has climbed up the ladder from puking everywhere to peeing on my pillow and finally to shitting on the carpet. Imagine the plastic fake poops you can buy at the gag store- that's what they look like. She just has the most disgusting bowel movements right outside the bathroom, which also happens to be right outside the bedroom. Good morning!! Last night the stink of it all actually woke me up.

I've figured out what makes her do it. It has nothing to do with how much is in her litter box or how clean the litter box is. It has everything to do with how recently she just had a stinky poop. She is so persnickety she can't be bothered to poop where she has already pooped before. I have to scoop up the stinky poop almost immediately otherwise she makes her way to the hallway to continue her pooping. Because, yep, she'll do it mid-poop. She'll start in the litter box then make her way to the hallway, where she finishes, because she is so offended by herself.

But please tell me that other cats do this. She is so exhausting. She is particular about everything! Her food allergies. The kind of litter she uses. She doesn't like to be brushed. All of things I can ultimately handle. I don't like it but I deal with it. But I would really like her to poop where she's supposed to poop. Where she used to poop all the time! What is going on?? FLUFFY!!

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