November 11, 2011

It's a Great Skirt!

Should I write something about today being 11-11-11? Or should I write about today being Veteran's Day? Or should I write about neither because I got nothing on 11-11-11 and veterans get me emotional? Neither it is. So I'll complain about J Crew.

A few months ago I went to some shopping outlets and meandered over to J Crew. I was trying on some colorful stuff and needed something neutral. I found a black pencil skirt- it was the only not pastelly thing in the store. I didn't think I could pull of a pencil skirt but I grabbed it anyway. When I put on the skirt, expecting discomfort, there was a collective gasp with me and my friends. My ass looked amazing. There was no way I wasn't going to buy that skirt. So I did. And it was magical.

I wore it maybe twice before I realized the hem was coming undone and the slit up the back was creeping open up towards my ass. I was so mad! This is J Crew. The First Lady wears J Crew. Why is my skirt falling apart after only two wears? I wrote them an angry email, complete with pictures, saying that I had to get a tailor in order to get the skirt fixed because I couldn't fix this stuff myself. I didn't know if it would get a response. I didn't know what the response would entail. Would I get money back, a new skirt, a kiss off? But I did find out quickly. I was told that if I got the skirt tailored they would reimburse me up to $50. Not the best, because now I had to actually find a tailor. But better than nothing.

So find a tailor I did. Two months after I sent the original email. I sent the receipt and we'll see if something happens. It better. Because I spent too much money on this skirt in order for my tailoring to not be reimbursed. I'm too broke for this shit.

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Bethany said...

Oh no, I sure hope you get reimbursed. I'm so not a clothes person, so I hate when anything clothes-related happens. I don't have the money and don't really enjoy shopping. LOL. I suppose if I was living off an unlimited budget I might have a different view :) Good luck, you'll have to keep us updated!