November 10, 2011

Oh Where Oh Where

Today was a rough day. I thought I lost my watch because I looked everywhere for it and I couldn't find it ANYWHERE. So I went without a watch all day. I was so uncomfortable. I've worn a watch on my left wrist since I was nine. I feel more naked without my watch than I do when I'm actually naked. I look at this watch for the date, the time, and guidance in my life. It tells me when the moon will set, what time lunch is and if my ass looks fat in those pants. It has saved me from much embarrassment and from eating a bad burrito.

I searched high and low for the watch. I opened up the couch, I checked the fridge, I checked where I normally put it at the end of the day. Nothing. I thought I could put a bracelet on to mimic the feel of my watch but it was too light. I had to go on with my day. I had to be brave.

When I got home, close to accepting that I just somehow lost my watch, when I put my hand in the couch one last time. Voila! My watch!!!! It was there all the time. Where I looked first thing this morning. I'm a dumb-ass. But at least I don't feel naked anymore. I feel triumphant. So what should I wear tomorrow Watch?

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