November 9, 2011

Albums I Stole From My Dad

My dad has great taste in music. Sometimes I find his choices questionable like certain Linkin Park albums or his inexplicable, unironic love of Enya. But I love my dad and I love listening to these albums because they make me think of him and that I should probably replace these albums. Or at least feel some guilt for stealing them. Why didn't I just buy them? That's an excellent question. One that I don't have an answer for.

Peter Gabriel, "So." 1986.
This album is amazing. It hung around our house for probably ten years before a young, impressionable version of myself saw Say Anything and decided I needed to revisit the album. Not only does it have the tired love song (that I'm still totally obsessed with) "In Your Eyes" but "Sledgehammer," "Don't Give Up," and "Big Time." It's an amazing album start to finish. I'm glad I stole it. But this is the one that makes me feel the most guilty.

Tom Jones, "Reload." 1999.
When we moved to England in the summer of 1999, right after I graduated high school, this album was kind of blowing up the UK charts. "Tom Jones?" you say? Yes my friends. Tom Jones. He paired up with the Bare Naked Ladies, Natalie Imbruglia, Portishead (!) and The Cardigans- which is my favorite cover on the album, The Talking Heads' "Burning Down the House." I stole this immediately. Dad never had a chance.

The Beatles, "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band." 1967.
This must've been the first CD my dad bought because I remember this being played as a CD, not a record, since I was probably eight. I have so many visceral memories connected to this album. One time I was alone when "Fixing a Hole" was played and I convinced myself I saw a ghost in the house. I couldn't be alone when that album played for a few years. "She's Leaving Home" prepared me for what would happen when I moved out. The sense of loss was so great in that song I felt my parents' future pain. And "Day in the Life." Whenever I hear that song I have to stop and listen. I think it is one of the greatest songs ever written. It makes my heart ache.

Now that I've come clean, I'd understand if you wanted me to replace these, Dad. These are three pretty amazing albums and I robbed you of the joy they bring. So... I guess I just gave away what you're getting for Christmas this year. You didn't read this. "Read what, Kath?" Exactly, Dad. I love you. Thank you for bringing such wonderful music into my life. I can never thank you enough.


dad said...

Good music is like a good book, it deserves to be with someone who appreciates it. Actually I'm hoping you have a lot more because I'm missing a crapload of my music, and thought it was gone forever...

belleshpgrl said...

I know Zach stole Ill Communication from you. What else are you missing?

dad said...

That was "License to Ill" and it was a CD--I gave it to him. I'm missing most of my vinyl, and i don't know if your mom has any... let's see, here's a few:
The Band: Rock of Ages
Alice Cooper: Million Dollar Babies
Hot Tuna: Burgers
Beach Boys: Pet Sounds (that one's got to be worth something)
Procol Harum: Live with the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra
Aerosmith: Toys in the Attic
Stuff by: The Commodores, Earth Wind and Fire, George Clinton, Todd Rundgren, Boz Scaggs, to name a few.
If you have any or all that's fine with me just take care of them! :)

belleshpgrl said...

I do not have any of those. I wish I had Todd Rundgren though!