November 8, 2011

Rock Lobster

Two posts ago was my four-hundredth post on this blog! I didn't realize it until I posted it. And then I didn't do anything about it yesterday because I was busy trying to post before midnight and was dead-tired.

On Sunday I went grocery shopping at a new (new for me) grocery store. I was looking for pizza dough and near the section that had the dough I noticed some little prepackaged single meals. I spotted lobster macaroni next to salmon with pilaf and green beans. I was surprised that the store had these dinners. I just never noticed them before. I was thinking I wanted to start bringing frozen meals to work because a lot of coworkers eat them and they always smell so good. But I stopped eating those because I want to eat more real, fresh food in my day. Finding these pre-made meals is awesome! They're fresh and have nutritional value on them so I don't have to think guess about the Weight Watchers points!

I didn't buy the lobster macaroni and cheese on Sunday because it had twenty (!!) grams of fat and fifty-one grams of carbs. Holy smokes! So I got the salmon. Which was lovely! I wasn't hungry for the rest of the afternoon and it was flavorful and awesome. I just wish I had another way to heat it up other than the microwave. As good as it was I still wished I bought the lobster mac and cheese. Tonight, I had dinner to myself and I knew I had to get it. So I did. (And also another salmon and a meatloaf with mashed potatoes!!) And it was... pretty good. I would probably get it again but for the high fat and calories there wasn't enough lobster to justify it. Thanks to the microwave, the lobster, the little there was, ended up being a little tough. I don't regret getting it at all. I would've daydreamed about it until it was warm and in my belly. Which is where it is right now. And I am very happy about that.

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