November 7, 2011

Under the Wire

I was out late with some coworkers at our second monthly game night. It was an idea long before I started there but interest seemed to peak and here it finally started in October. We chose a Monday because Monday nights are typically devoid of performances so the chances that all of us would be available are greater. Being theatre people we'd all either be in a show or working a show if it was any other night of the week. So sexy Mondays it is.

The hostess, Sophia, also works at another theatre related job so she invited some of those fabulous people to join us in the game night. The more the merrier for sure. The first game night was a little segregated so we were hoping to avoid that this month. It started out a little oil and watery but we were able to bring us all together with a game called "Battle of the Sexes." We all know how much I loooooove gender games. And this gender game was no different.

It really is men against women. And if this game is to be believed men know nothing about shoes, cooking, sewing and Sex and the City. Women know nothing about sports, politics and music. We had one man and one woman (actually yours truly) who sort of played against type. He knew all about sewing and I knew politics. The only reason I didn't get us further advanced is because we as a group second guessed ourselves- something we figured out was a gender-based issue. Well played creators of "Battle of the Sexes."

Sexism of the game aside, it was another successful game night. I can't wait for December when we have a Christmas theme. I'm actually starting to get really excited about this Christmas season. I've already started singing my favorite song. One I'll share with you later this month.

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