November 3, 2009

Just Can't Hide It!

A few weeks ago I was asked to be a member on a community arts grant panel. The panel is the second step in the approval process for groups to receive state funding for the following year's projects or events. This panel serves three counties in my area- Schenectady, Albany and Rensselaer. Readers of this blog (people who already know me, really) know that I care deeply about the arts. All of the arts. I love dance, print, mixed media, theatre, music- all of it. I want to make supporting and promoting the arts my career. So when I was asked to be on this panel I was elated and honored to become more of a direct proponent for arts in my community.

I'm really looking forward to this process for many reasons- I'll meet more artists who work in different fields; I'll find out about all the area groups that flew under my radar; I'm required to check in on events that get funding so I become more of a participant; I'll learn about a crucial step in the grants process; and overall I'll meet many interesting people who also care deeply about our artistic community. I couldn't believe I was asked. I'm so lucky that I can participate! This is just so thrilling for me I can't express it enough.

I meet with my committee tomorrow and I really hope I don't sound like a jack-ass. I'm the only newbie in the group so I'm going to try to be very prepared when I get there tomorrow. The first step to being prepared- eating something so I'm not preoccupied. The second step to being prepared- take copious notes on our assigned proposals. The third step to being prepared- remaining calm. The fourth, and most important, step to being prepared- being confident in my opinions and criticisms. I can do this and I can do this well. So excited!!


Tina Winston said...

Congratulations! I'm so excited for you, that sounds like an amazing opportunity. Good luck!

Jen L. said...

How awesome! I work in theatre management, so I appreciate people like you!!

dad said...

They made a good choice in you! Congrats, and Good luck in your first meeting!