November 3, 2011

Still Workin' On My Fitness

I've been changing my workouts up a bit. I'm tired of being on a nasty plateau and really want to be fit in a new way. So I've taken to Pinterest to look for workouts. Strange forum I know since the website is mostly used for style, but I stumbled upon some leg workouts that piqued my interest.

The font may be really small but the images are all I need in order to get my point across. The stability ball workouts are proving the toughest. I keep falling off the ball. I've had a workout buddy for the past few months. She hasn't been going with me since I've started using the balls and could actually use some help. This morning I did two circuits straight and in the first circuit I made it without falling once! I think I'm just getting more used to how to situate myself on the balls to start off. Luckily there weren't too many people around to look at me roll flat onto my ass.

I did this plus another squat jump and I couldn't walk normally for three days. I moved like the bug (Vincent D'Onofrio) in Men in Black. It was terrible! I've since done a better job by not doing three sets of jump squats in a row. I could barely get up from my final set. I don't expect my legs and ass to look like the image above (I'm not convinced it's real) but I would like mine to be tighter. Maybe bounce a quarter off of it...

One goal is to have stronger runs. I think I'm starting to feel a difference in the brief runs I'm going on. I want to have my best triathlon season yet. And I'd like to feel not so much more powerful as less weak. But the fact that the stability ball workouts are about overall strength, I think I'll work on those more. If I can just stop rolling off them like an oiled up sumo wrestler.

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