November 5, 2011

Hitting the Pavement

It's been such lovely weather this past week up here in Upstate New York. Perfect Autumn weather- the high 50s to low 60s, sunny with blue skies abound. We had a small snow storm Halloween weekend but it melted by the next day. It made me think of when I was a kid trick or treating in Upper Michigan in the snowflakes. So I was like, I didn't know when I moved back there. Let's just hope there's no Mother's Day snowstorm. Anyway, I've been doing my morning workouts a teeny bit differently because of the weather.

I take the 6:45am bus in the mornings to get to the Schenectady YMCA by 7:30am for my workout date with my friend Lynette. Usually we do some cardio on an elliptical or the stationary bikes then use the weight machines. I run outside on my days off. But Lynette's not been making the workouts lately but I'm still getting on the 6:45am bus. Except by the time I get to the Y the sun is up and shining. (I love that I get to see the sunrise on my bus route. It may not be a pretty ride, but when there's no cloud cover it pays off.) So I started thinking that I need to take advantage of the sun and the cold but manageable temperature. And I really like the area the Y is located in, it's historic Schenectady and there's a beautiful cemetery just up the road. So I started running outside and doing those calisthenics in the Y. Then I shower and I head to work across the street.

Since I like this new routine I wonder if I need to keep my Y membership. But then I start thinking about how it's not always going to be that easy and safe to run outside. The sidewalks in the Capital Region don't ever seem to stay clean in the winter and I can't exactly comfortably run in a cemetery in the winter. Also, the sun won't always be high enough at 7:30am or even 8am. I almost texted a coworker to let him know that if I don't show up then he can find my raped and murdered body in the cemetery. And I can't exactly swim in just any body of water around here. So I need the pool.

But until that time comes I'm really enjoying my morning workouts. I do something at least five days a week. If I'm really on top of it I do it six days a week. I took today off, which I regret due to the weather being so glorious, because I know my body needs to fully relax. And I'm a not easily relaxable person. But I look forward to my workouts. It's been too long since I've felt this way. Plateau aside, I'm enjoying myself.

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