November 15, 2011

I Could Eat Naan All Day

I signed up for Groupon a few months back and I really like it. It's a website where people get daily offers to buy a coupon that a certain number of people have to buy in order to make the coupon valid. Hence the "group" in Groupon. Mike and I are able to do things like go to basketball games, dinner or buy baked goods. I don't buy many because a lot of Groupons are for things we just will never use like taking a picture and putting it on canvas so it looks like a painting. I don't want that. That's cheesy. You'd be surprised at how many companies there are that do that. But there are also a lot of restaurants that we like that come up and things we can use as gifts.

I have a few that I need to use before they expire. I have one for an Indian restaurant that I like but there isn't any parking (for when I do have the car), I don't want to walk there and I have to dine in per the coupon. Yes yes yes. I'm lazy. But I have to use it by December 8th or I wasted the money I used to buy it. It was $10 buys me $20 worth of Indian food. I love Indian food so I was all about it. I love garlic naan, cheese naan, vegetable korma, vegetable biryani, samosas (not the alcoholic beverage a pastry filled with veggies and spices), aloo palak. Nom nom nom. I usually get Indian food as delivery when Mike's out of town for dinner. He doesn't like Indian food so I treat myself to it when I'm alone. Now I just need to get off my lazy-ass and get myself there. Probably on December 8th.

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Emily said...

Take me with you. End of problem.