February 25, 2010

A Prophylactic Rampage

Now Matthew Fox of Party of Five fame (and I think he's on some show called Lost) is reportedly a connoisseur of vaginae that don't belong to his wife. He's been shacking up with a stripper these past few months. And he hasn't been wearing a condom. I hope he contracts VD.

Fox is just one of many famous men to have extramarital affairs without the use of protection. Tiger Woods never used a condom with the multitude of women he bonked. Spitzer apparently doesn't like the feel of prophylactics. Clinton didn't use one when receiving fellatio. And Mark Sanford liked more than the beaches to be topless. It's disgusting on so many levels. For one, Spitzer had unprotected sex with hookers. HOOKERS! Why would any adult in this day and age think that is acceptable? They could spread horrible disease to other women- not to mention their wife! (HIV rates are now the highest in married women due to this strange phenomenon of total, utter stupidity and recklessness.)

These men are all highly public individuals. Whether they want it to be the case or not, their every move will be scrutinized and villainized or even worse, idolized. What terrifies me the most, other than the rampant infidelity, is the fact that there are people ignorant enough to think that since these apparently intelligent men are role models means that having unprotected sex WITH HOOKERS is acceptable. Acceptable and safe. It is not safe. It will never BE safe. Even if these assholes contract some sort of STI, they probably aren't going to go public about it. They'll keep it to themselves, take some antibiotics and go right back to being irresponsible dickwads.

Why are people so frightened of sex? If we, as a society, could just say the freaking word- as a start, maybe we could have a real conversation. A conversation that will prevent unwanted illness and unwanted pregnancy. All I'm asking for is some social responsibility from those men. Not as celebrities but as people who are sexually active. People who are capable of spreading deadly, incurable, but otherwise preventable diseases. Put a hat on it. Think of more than just yourself. Asshole.

February 23, 2010

But You'll Eat it Anyway

Don't ever have a hostess cupcake 100 calorie pack after eating an organic dark chocolate covered almond. Because then the cupcake will taste like shit.

Just sayin'.

February 20, 2010

Something Must Be in the Water

My fiance and I met with our DJ on Friday and I can't tell you how friggin' jazzed I am to have him be a part of our day. Our taste in music is totally aligned and we just want people to dance the night away (until 9pm.) Every song he suggested that I didn't know, I loved. And everything I suggested to be played, he loved. This party is going to be cracking!!

Now that all the big, scary hurdles are out of the way and it's appearing we will, indeed, be on if not under budget, the anxiety has drained out of me. Well, things that don't include my mother. She is anxiety. ANYWAY. She's coming up to help me out sometime in March and I'm looking through my favorite wedding blogs for crafty ideas that she can help me make for decor. Because that's really all that's left. That and finding stuff to sit on and eat with. But that's a small problem. ... Since my Mom's really craft-inclined, I'm sure she and I can crank out a plethora of pompoms in no time. I'll make her watch a movie I like and we'll have a grand old time. Right?

No matter what her visit will bring I'm actually enjoying these next few steps. Looking at wedding blogs and wedding magazines is fun now that the biggest hurdles are out of the way. We have a caterer, the flowers made and the DJ and photographer set. It's just for little ideas here and there- carefree like pompoms in the wind. Until shit gets real, I'm having a great time. Now to taste test cupcakes!

February 19, 2010

Hungry Like the Wolf

Lately I've been trying to find ways to cut calories without sacrificing satiety. Yes, I am trying to lose weight. No, it's not because of the wedding. As far as I know I fit into my dress and my dress flatters me in all the right places. If I'm doing anything for my wedding it's trying to tone a little. I would like to be buff for once in my life. But that's always been a goal. Now I have a more immediate excuse. I'm really just trying to fit back into my triathlon suit.

My sister was kind enough to send me an article that listed foods that help eliminate belly fat. Belly fat isn't my problem but her point was, what could it hurt? So I've implemented some of the suggestions. I eat oatmeal each morning instead of cereal and milk (Though I'm enjoying it, I miss cereal and milk so much I had a dream about it last night,) I'm eating more berries as snacks and I'm incorporating more almonds as a filler-upper. This article was sent to me around the same time a coworker was telling me about the South Beach diet. Sugar-free jello is a great suggestion- a good, sweet treat. I can replace a heavier dessert with that and hopefully cut some calories. The problem I see is jello is just not the same as a cookie. You know?

Though my body is getting used to some of these changes, I also need to figure out when to eat. I crash in the afternoons and I'm hoping some of these changes will help regulate my blood sugar. Whenever I start to get the shakes I grab chocolate and I don't even enjoy it- I need it so I don't get a migraine. Those are a sure-fire way to tell me I need to change something. Mike is supposed to see about a friend from school who became a nutritionist. I'm hoping she can give me some further suggestions to continue to make better choices for my body. And maybe, those suggestions will help my body naturally lose some weight in my trouble spots and stave off migraines. That would be lovely.

February 17, 2010

Cynical About Everything Else But

As I reflect on this year's Hallmark Holiday I realize that I actually enjoy Valentine's Day. It's what Christmas could be if it didn't come with forced, pressure filled family time. It's a day to tell the people in your life that you care about them, however you see fit. And that is pretty awesome. You don't need all the crap that comes with it- candy, hearts, flowers, lingerie. All you need to do is give someone a moment and remind them that no one is truly alone on Valentine's Day. Spend a little time with your loved-ones. Be it on the phone, in person or by note. And magically, that person's Valentine's Day that much less miserable.

These few days since Valentine's Day has made me realize everyday can be Valentine's Day. Just take a breather and thank those around you for being there. So. Thank you. I wouldn't be who I am without any of you. Happy Belated Valentine's Day, lovies. Or rather, Happy February 17th. You make my day brighter with each smile.

February 12, 2010

NSFDOFOH: Not Safe For Dudes or Faint of Heart

Last week I bought a menstrual cup.

What is a menstrual cup you ask? Google it if you're too lazy or stupid to figure it out. A friend of mine at work has been using one for five years and swears by it. In those five years, she's never had to purchase one single feminine product and that adds up to hundreds of dollars in savings. HUNDREDS. I don't know about you but I'd rather buy those chocolate covered pretzels instead of tampons when the time comes and that's still a savings of HUNDREDS. She considers it the best purchase she's ever made and in describing it as such, she piqued my interest.

I did some Internet research and looked for it in the local co-op. There's no way this thing is sold in regular grocery stores. The initial purchase is a lot of money so the price was my first hurdle to overcome. The next hurdle was simply gathering up the courage to buy the thing. I mean, the price justifies a serious commitment. If it doesn't work out for me then I wasted my money and killed Nature. That's a lot of pressure. I thought of all the polar bears I, Katherine, would save by no longer choosing disposable products. After months of deliberation, I bought it.

Emily came over that fateful, Nature-saving day to hang out so I went over it with her. I needed someone else to bounce this whole thing off of. No, I didn't throw it at her. I made her listen to the instructions while I poked and prodded it and kept it away from my vagina. I'm super glad she listened and squirmed with me because there is no way in Hell Mike would've let me think out loud about such a thing. He gets the Uncomfortables when such topics arise. If we learned anything from the manual, practice is a must. But so is saving Nature. And I think I can make that sacrifice. I'll try. I've already had dreams about the experience. It's not like I can return it or anything.

February 3, 2010

Some Ideas to Share

I've posted a presentation from TED before. It's a wonderful website that posts free lectures about any variety of topics. A wonderful product of the Information Age. Today at work I was trying to type in a URL and was too fast for my computer so all I got when I hit the enter key was "ted.com" and it brought me to TED's homepage. It was really creepy because I'd been thinking about checking the site out again. It was as if the Internet gods wanted me to go there. And immediately I was drawn to three lectures that I knew I would want to share with you.

I was skeptical about Eve Ensler's lecture about girl cells because though I love learning about modern feminism the word "girl" sort of makes me uneasy. I think because I find it to be sort of demeaning. It's rarely used in a positive context when femininity is the crux of the conversation and men use it when they want to be derogatory about women. So despite the fact that Eve Ensler, writer of "The Vagina Monologues," would be the last person to use that word in a negative way, I feel that her use of the word will turn men off from her message. Especially when she begins her lecture saying that everyone has girl cells. I gave it a shot and was pleasantly surprised.

Basically she means femininity whenever she says girl cells and once I got over her use of that term I was taken with everything she said. I loved watching this. She sums up one of the reasons I can't wait to raise children- that by embracing their true selves, my children can make the world a better place.

The following two videos are about health care. Not Health Care. One is about social networking for patients- a way for them to communicate their well being with others. And the second is about a new, inexpensive way to provide cheap diagnostics. Just some cool stuff.

February 2, 2010

Just Don't Suggest an Open Marriage

Mike and I are getting unsolicited marriage advice all over the place in these final months leading up to the wedding. My boss told me to never get married in the first place (recently divorced), our caterer says to always communicate (divorced twice) and a mutual friend said never go to bed angry (still married as of the time of this writing). I find it sweet and kind of funny that everyone shares their nuggets of wisdom. It comes from a good place. Even my boss' lovely tidbit.

The advice is welcomed. I watched my parents' marriage dissolve over years of terrible, if any, communication. Any arguments that I caught wind of were always accusatory, one sided and never reached a conclusion let alone an understanding. It was always just so terrible. Perhaps that's why I used to avoid conflicts like I avoid wearing shorts- it never ends prettily. But after being in a long term relationship I realized that avoidance doesn't work. So I now address what's bothering me when it's bothering me. I don't do it with with reckless abandon. It's not like I start screaming about the empty jar of peanut butter on the counter and expect that to never happen again. Instead I patiently ask for its removal. Over and over again.

Mike and I have totally different conflict-resolving skills, he runs hotter to the touch than I do, so we have to do a lot of communicating. Sometimes we have to sleep on it. That's why I don't really believe that going to bed angry is really all that terrible. I'm sure it depends on the caliber of the fight and what's exactly going on but whenever I've slept on it the morning brings a fresh perspective and usually a calmer sparring partner.

It's not like anyone really has the answer- I'm not saying I do. I'm sure people who've been married for sixty years still have arguments and pet peeves. I welcome this advice because I have a lot of learning to do. I'll probably welcome advice even when I've been married for decades. I'm sure at that point I'll take any advice I can get. Whether or not I'll use it is another story.