February 25, 2010

A Prophylactic Rampage

Now Matthew Fox of Party of Five fame (and I think he's on some show called Lost) is reportedly a connoisseur of vaginae that don't belong to his wife. He's been shacking up with a stripper these past few months. And he hasn't been wearing a condom. I hope he contracts VD.

Fox is just one of many famous men to have extramarital affairs without the use of protection. Tiger Woods never used a condom with the multitude of women he bonked. Spitzer apparently doesn't like the feel of prophylactics. Clinton didn't use one when receiving fellatio. And Mark Sanford liked more than the beaches to be topless. It's disgusting on so many levels. For one, Spitzer had unprotected sex with hookers. HOOKERS! Why would any adult in this day and age think that is acceptable? They could spread horrible disease to other women- not to mention their wife! (HIV rates are now the highest in married women due to this strange phenomenon of total, utter stupidity and recklessness.)

These men are all highly public individuals. Whether they want it to be the case or not, their every move will be scrutinized and villainized or even worse, idolized. What terrifies me the most, other than the rampant infidelity, is the fact that there are people ignorant enough to think that since these apparently intelligent men are role models means that having unprotected sex WITH HOOKERS is acceptable. Acceptable and safe. It is not safe. It will never BE safe. Even if these assholes contract some sort of STI, they probably aren't going to go public about it. They'll keep it to themselves, take some antibiotics and go right back to being irresponsible dickwads.

Why are people so frightened of sex? If we, as a society, could just say the freaking word- as a start, maybe we could have a real conversation. A conversation that will prevent unwanted illness and unwanted pregnancy. All I'm asking for is some social responsibility from those men. Not as celebrities but as people who are sexually active. People who are capable of spreading deadly, incurable, but otherwise preventable diseases. Put a hat on it. Think of more than just yourself. Asshole.

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