February 20, 2010

Something Must Be in the Water

My fiance and I met with our DJ on Friday and I can't tell you how friggin' jazzed I am to have him be a part of our day. Our taste in music is totally aligned and we just want people to dance the night away (until 9pm.) Every song he suggested that I didn't know, I loved. And everything I suggested to be played, he loved. This party is going to be cracking!!

Now that all the big, scary hurdles are out of the way and it's appearing we will, indeed, be on if not under budget, the anxiety has drained out of me. Well, things that don't include my mother. She is anxiety. ANYWAY. She's coming up to help me out sometime in March and I'm looking through my favorite wedding blogs for crafty ideas that she can help me make for decor. Because that's really all that's left. That and finding stuff to sit on and eat with. But that's a small problem. ... Since my Mom's really craft-inclined, I'm sure she and I can crank out a plethora of pompoms in no time. I'll make her watch a movie I like and we'll have a grand old time. Right?

No matter what her visit will bring I'm actually enjoying these next few steps. Looking at wedding blogs and wedding magazines is fun now that the biggest hurdles are out of the way. We have a caterer, the flowers made and the DJ and photographer set. It's just for little ideas here and there- carefree like pompoms in the wind. Until shit gets real, I'm having a great time. Now to taste test cupcakes!

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