April 6, 2009

And I'm Just Your Type

Mike and I are trying to plan a wedding for under $10,000. We would both love for it to be a smaller budget but considering our guest list is a pretty solid 160 people and we have to feed said people a reasonable amount of food, our budget must remain as such. (I am totally counting Barack and Michelle Obama in that number because I am SO inviting them even though I know they won't come but wouldn't it be super cool to have something with the president's stamped signature on it in lieu of attendance? Maybe Michelle will send a beautiful bouquet of flowers and a hand written note about how lovely it was for us to think of them but they must politely decline because they will be feeding starving children in Moldova for the weekend. How thoughtful of her. I'm sure she'll look fabulous no matter where she is. Gosh, I think she's sooo pretty.)

I've been looking at recommended blogs that share the goal of having a fun, inexpensive wedding that shows the couple's individual style. I've already gotten some fantastic ideas from these:

A Practical Wedding

2000 Dollar Wedding

Ten Thousand Only

Once Wed

I've gotten great ideas for all kinds of things. We'll see if we can do it and we're very confident we can. I love $2000 Wedding the most because though our budget is $10,000, I aim for lower. No matter, these sites fit the attitude I have to planning the wedding. And so far Mike's been on board with everything I've proposed. Yay!

I just don't understand why people are okay with spending an AVERAGE of $24,000 on a wedding and reception. I'm not saying that spending that kind of money makes you a bad person it just proves you have very different priorities. We have debt to pay and a house to someday buy and braces to put on the kids we want to have assuming I'm not sterile (really, my orthodontia work is something to behold.) Maybe these people are loaded or saved up for a wedding or just don't care to rack up more credit card debt. I'm not comfortable spending our current budget but we can't have a BBQ (we can but I don't think Mom liked that idea at all...) that we make ourselves for 160 people and the PRESIDENT AND HIS BEAUTIFUL WIFE. We need to have something professionally done.

Anyway, I'll be posting some stuff I have planned if you're interested. Hell, even if you aren't interested this is my blog and I'll write what I want to. I'm very excited about what we have brewing but I won't let it dominate what goes on here. I think I've already proved that since I've been engaged for four months and hardly ever mentioned it. But I think you'll like what you see. I'm crafty.


Emily said...

I will give up my seat at your wedding just so Michelle and Barack came come....... but what the hell am I saying, I'd want to be there too so I could gush all over them. So I retract my seat-giving-up. HA!

Carrie said...

I'm SOOOOO jealous that I didn't think of inviting the Obama's!!!!! You are so going to get a lovely letter from the White House!!! What a great idea!

Padric and I are planning our wedding of 120 (or more) for under $10,000... it's totally do-able! Yes You Can!

: )