April 8, 2009

But I Wouldn't Throw My Bra at Any of Them

Not since Oasis have I been so into a band that I bought all the music by them that I could. And even then it was partially hormonally driven because I was TOTALLY going to marry the Gallagher brothers. I couldn't figure out which one I was going to marry first and how I was going to orchestrate the other but I was going to do it eventually. Well, I guess I outgrew them in college or something and I've found bands I really really enjoy, like Broken Social Scene, since then but no band that I've taken such an instant liking to like I did the two totally unrelated bands- Phantogram and Phoenix.

Phantogram is a local band that used to be known as Charlie Everywhere. Since they were signed to a British music label had to change the name to be something less offensive to the Asian population. Now the boy/girl duo from Saratoga Springs are known Phantogram and they have a five song EP out that I've been listening to over and over again since some friends of mine and I randomly checked out a show of theirs one Saturday night. I listened to almost nothing but those five songs until I watched Saturday Night Live last week and saw Phoenix for the first time. I LOVED what they played and Mike and I couldn't figure out why we hadn't heard of them yet. He and I only listen to local, indie radio that goes out on a limb and plays lesser known artists such as Phoenix and we hadn't heard of them. So he did what he did best- hit the Internet and I did what I do best (no not that)- I went to iTunes and impulsively bought some stuff of theirs. Well, I loved what I heard so much I bought their entire catalogue.

You probably won't fall for these bands like I did. I mean, I am totally obsessed musically. Unlike other musical obsessions I don't want to be anyone's friend or lover. My how I've grown up! I just adore the singable melodies played over the synthpop of Phantogram and the funky indie totally danceable rock of Phoenix. Anywhoodle, here's some samples. There will be more of Phoenix simply because there is more.

Phantogram, "Mouthful of Diamonds"

Phoenix, "1901"

Phoenix, "If I Ever Feel Better"

I love Phoenix's inherent Frenchness. Man! I love it when I find new stuff that breathes life into my collection! Ohhh la la indeed.

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dad said...

I like the Phoenix stuff, fresh sound!