February 19, 2010

Hungry Like the Wolf

Lately I've been trying to find ways to cut calories without sacrificing satiety. Yes, I am trying to lose weight. No, it's not because of the wedding. As far as I know I fit into my dress and my dress flatters me in all the right places. If I'm doing anything for my wedding it's trying to tone a little. I would like to be buff for once in my life. But that's always been a goal. Now I have a more immediate excuse. I'm really just trying to fit back into my triathlon suit.

My sister was kind enough to send me an article that listed foods that help eliminate belly fat. Belly fat isn't my problem but her point was, what could it hurt? So I've implemented some of the suggestions. I eat oatmeal each morning instead of cereal and milk (Though I'm enjoying it, I miss cereal and milk so much I had a dream about it last night,) I'm eating more berries as snacks and I'm incorporating more almonds as a filler-upper. This article was sent to me around the same time a coworker was telling me about the South Beach diet. Sugar-free jello is a great suggestion- a good, sweet treat. I can replace a heavier dessert with that and hopefully cut some calories. The problem I see is jello is just not the same as a cookie. You know?

Though my body is getting used to some of these changes, I also need to figure out when to eat. I crash in the afternoons and I'm hoping some of these changes will help regulate my blood sugar. Whenever I start to get the shakes I grab chocolate and I don't even enjoy it- I need it so I don't get a migraine. Those are a sure-fire way to tell me I need to change something. Mike is supposed to see about a friend from school who became a nutritionist. I'm hoping she can give me some further suggestions to continue to make better choices for my body. And maybe, those suggestions will help my body naturally lose some weight in my trouble spots and stave off migraines. That would be lovely.

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Ryan said...

I've been going to a nutritionist, but for the opposite problem (trying to gain weight). Perhaps in the classic way, vegetables are the way to go. They take up a lot of room and are low in calories. I avoid them, unless I'm dipping them in cheese, ranch or hummus. Also, if you're trying to tone, you'll want to make sure you get about 1g of protein for every pound of body weight (some say every Kg, but I don't speak metric :) Also, coffee curbs your appetite. Anyway, just a few things I thought I'd throw your way.