November 5, 2009

I Know You All Wanted Updates

The costume went over super well! I bought a wig from the same shop where I got last year's Tina wig and all I had to do was trim the bangs a little. It wasn't so much a pageboy as it was a short bob but it did have purple in it so it looked pretty accurate. People kept looking at me strangely all night because I looked so different. (It was starting to bum me out until the next day Mike said it was great to have his curly-haired fiance back. That was really good to hear.) Someone didn't even recognize me- he started to introduce himself when he realized it was me. So yay costume!

The grants meeting was also a success! There was some great discussion and it was really awesome to get to talk to people about their art. One member was able to show me her work space because it was only two doors down from where we met. I got to see a bunch of original works by her and other, mixed media, artists. My other comrade works in textiles. She uses one of the purses she made as her own bag so we were able to see what she does. I didn't have anything to share. I don't really carry my collages with me and I wasn't about to burst out into song so they took my word for it. I can't wait for the full meeting in a week and a half! I'm sure I'll freak out about it a little because there appears to be some strong personalities but my colleagues said it all works out no matter how heated it gets. I just wish there was more variety in the submissions.

Finally! I am so freaking glad the Yankees won the World Series. I can go back to watching my stories. Someone has been hogging the television with the DVR. And it's not Fluffy. Also, my friends can fully participate in parties and events without baseball on in the background. Now on to the Giants. Sheesh. It's never ending is it?

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Tina Winston said...

Glad to hear your meeting went well. I think you should have burst into song ;p.