October 29, 2009

This is Halloween!

Last year I was torn over what my Halloween costume should be. Sarah Palin, Tina Turner, Campaign Lady- what did I chose?! Well, I ended up as Tina and I did a KILLER Tina Turner impression of "Proud Mary." So it worked out. This year wasn't as tough but it didn't come without a road bump.

My friends and I were going to do a theme party. The theme being The Venture Brothers, an Adult Swim cartoon that we all very much enjoy. Er, LOVE. You should check it out. Anyway, my costume was going to be the goth girl love interest, Triana Orpheus, but people kept dropping out of the theme. Mikey was supposed to be the love interest-ed, but he's going as something unrelated to the show. Total bummer. So I was going to go as June Carter Cash and reuse my Tina wig (I went with the long sixties hair Tina.) Then I changed my costume back to Triana when I promised a friend who was sticking with the theme that I would stick with it as well so she wouldn't be the only one.

Then I ran out of money. June Carter Cash was looking pretty good- it was entirely free whereas I would have to purchase the entire Triana costume. I had to pull out but I didn't have the heart to tell her over the phone. Really at all. When I was talking to my friend's husband he instilled the fear of Something Scary in me by saying that between being out of town for New Moon's opening and this that she'd never forgive me. And I started to freak out that I let my friend down. One look at Mikey and he said he'd take care of my costume. What a sweetheart!

So now I'm back to the costume I was originally going to be and my preliminary research has proven that the costume shouldn't be that much money. "Shouldn't" being the operative word. So on Saturday, between apple picking and cupcake baking we will be at the mall piecing together the exciting costume of TRIANA! Wish us luck!


Teresa said...

You know what's lame? People dropping out of a theme party theme. LAME!

Tina Winston said...

If your mall has a Hot Topic, you could do this in no time. Not sure about the cost, though. Good luck!

dad said...

I'd be embarrassed to show up at a theme party out of theme. Hope it went OK???