October 25, 2008

Totally Loving This Costume Idea

Mike really wanted me to be Sarah Palin this year. I was going to go as Tina Turner but some people thought it was offensive and others thought I needed to cover myself with make-up. I just didn't want to put that much make-up on with a silk dress and Sarah Palin is going to be overdone. Instead, I want to go as this crazy lady- the woman who epitomizes what wrong with many, but not all!, McCain supporters:

I'm going to get a cheap white wig and make a McCain/Palin shirt with iron-on letters. There is no way I'm buying one of those shirts and giving his campaign money. And I'm going to buy big red glasses and maybe a fake microphone. Mike's going to help me come up with new, fake Obama attacks a la this:

She comes back so keep watching. Happy Halloween!!

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