October 21, 2008

Oh the Follies of Youth

When I was younger, I wanted guys to notice me so badly. I guess being your own fashion designer isn't the way to do it... Anyway! I was a little envious of my friends who got the attention of men on the street. I couldn't figure out what they had that I didn't.

Now it seems I've got it- whatever it was. I'm all the rage when I walk home from work. And it does not make me feel good. "Hey baby" does not make me feel sexy. I'm not uncomfortable, if anything I'm simply perplexed. The lack of previous attention leaves me wondering why anyone would say anything now. What's so better about me at the age of 27?

I guess I don't really care. Those dudes are all creepy and I have all the man I need at home.



Tina said...

because you are a fine lady, and people always want what they can't have ;D.

dad said...

Walking to/from work gives that great opportunity for the snappy come-back to the casual rude jackanapes. However, I suggest the disdainful glare. Creepy dudes just verbalize what non-creepy dudes are thinking, so bask in the glow.