May 7, 2011

I Scored a Winner

This post, and public praise, is long overdue. A few weeks ago my mother came to visit. Since the only day I have off is Sunday, she was going to fly in on Saturday while I was at work and then she and I could hang from Saturday night until I had to get to work at 3pm on Monday. Well. As Fate would have it my office had a training session and I had to be at work at 9am that Monday and still work my evening shift- leaving me with only an hour between shifts to see my mom. Mom was a good sport about it and came to see us anyway. I was worried about what she was going to do on Monday to kill time while I was at work until she could have dinner/lunch with me. Mike took care of that problem like the champion he is. Without any prompting from me.

Mike picked my mother up at 11:30am on Saturday and proceeded to have lunch with her and take her to a movie. Then they came to the Arts Center and checked out the galleries until I closed up at 5. Of course, a class that was scheduled to end at 4pm didn't really end until 5:30pm. Though we were all annoyed, the mood remained upbeat and off to the pub we went. Then on Sunday we did touristy stuff until my book club at 6 that night. Thankfully it was meeting at an apartment just behind us and Mike told me to just go- he knows how much I love my book club- he'd play Scrabble or something with my mom. Then Sunday night Mike decided he was going to take Monday off so he could keep my mother company. (And this required a little school scramble to plan for subs and provided an almost certain guarantee that he would have to put up with my mother's awful Internet habit. And she still doesn't know how to use the Internet.) On Monday I ended up having more time off between the training session and my shift so I was able to have a nice long lunch with them at home. Therefore he didn't have ten unadulterated hours with her. And he didn't have to log innumerable hours playing Scrabble with her. He would have done it if it came down to that, but thankfully, it didn't.

Spending time with my mother can be a lot of fun but many, many times it's frustrating and when things don't go as planned it only gets more difficult. I would never have asked him to do deal with this tough situation on his own. But do that he did. And he didn't complain once. That weekend went off with nary a fight all thanks to him. I am one lucky, lucky lady.

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