March 15, 2011

Who Was Right? I Was

For three months I've been waiting for the day to get my glove back from the Nature. It snowed the night it fell out of the car and there's been snow on the ground since. Every time the snow gets down enough to see winter debris I've been looking for my glove. No luck. The icy muck hangs around curbs the longest and that would be where the glove is. But was I losing hope? NO! It was only a matter of time. And guess what? Today I got a text from Mike. And it looked like this:

Yes campers. That's my glove. HE FOUND MY GLOVE!!! I was right! It was totally where I thought it would be. It may be really disgusting but it was not lost! Man, that made the whole nasty winter/spring transition totally worth it.

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