January 22, 2011

I Should Totally Be a Detective

A week or so ago I was out with friends at a restaurant. And when we were saying our goodbyes I realized my gloves were missing. I went back to the restaurant and the bar, no gloves. I even checked the sidewalks and street for the gloves. I then sent messages to all my friends to see if my gloves accidentally went home with them. No luck. I had to accept the fact that I lost my super sexy, vintage Isotoner gloves were lost for. ever.

I am not one to accept losing anything. I HATE losing stuff. I just don't take it well. I like the things I have because they all serve a specific purpose. I am a purposeful shopper (or stealer of my mother's things) and therefore do very little shopping. I can't stand frivolous shopping. I love frivolity, Frivolity and I are besties. But I loathe frivolous spending. I didn't say I don't make bad decisions with money sometimes, like I really need to be more scrupulous in my choices of tea- I've put a moratorium on new flavors without sampling them first because I just don't have the room for more tea. (Who says that?) But I get really pissed when I have to spend money on duplicate items because carelessness contributed to the loss. Riding the bus has made me lose more than I care to admit. OK, I'll admit it. A pair of headphones and a scarf. OMG. The day I lost that scarf was a dark day.

After dwelling on it for a few days and even doing some searching for gloves that would be the most similar replacement I was coming to terms with my loss. That same day I had to take Mike and some friends to a bachelor party. In order to accommodate all the bodies I did some light car cleaning when I felt one of my gloves stuck in the passenger side door! There was hope! The last time I was in the passenger seat was on the same night as dinner with friends and then I took over the car to drive myself. So the gloves fell out of my pocket when we were parked and I was dropping off Mike. Since there was no glove on the street near the restaurant nor did it fall out of the door when I was cleaning, the glove has to be where we switched. And that is up our street just a few yards. The only problem? That glove is now encased in an icy tomb because we've been dumped on my snow, ice and sleet since that night. It's cool and all because I love snow. I just want my glove back. And we all know patience is not my strong suit. I WANT MY GLOVE.

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mvorpal said...

Impressive, madam! You completely deserve to have both gloves in your possession, post thaw of course.