February 21, 2011

I Now Inhale Books

I was asked to join a book club back in June by my friend Karen. She wanted to have a forum of smart, interesting women to talk about all kinds of books. I was flattered to be asked. And quite frankly, I think she did an excellent job in reaching out to some pretty awesome ladies. Every one of us was like, aren't book clubs for old ladies? But we put our preconceptions aside and jumped right into some awesome, thrilling conversation- whether it be about books or life. Awe, cue sentimental music. Seriously, sometimes I leave book club feeling politically radicalized even if we're reading schlock like Eat Pray Love.

Thanks to this book club I really feel like I'm flexing my muscles. I'm going to be leading book clubs sometime soon. Also, the fact that I'm not choosing what I read all the time is really expanding my genre reading. I'm not too picky but I do stay away from books like Eat Pray Love and Mennonite in a Little Black Dress. Those memoirs just don't strike me as must-reads. However, I read them, have an opinion on them and broadened my horizons- something I think everyone should do. Get out of the comfort zone and read something different. It's hard to force yourself to read something you wouldn't otherwise but when people hold you accountable to do so, it's really easy.

Where it was hard for me to read the aforementioned titles, I know it was hard for some members to make their way through Good Omens or Give Me Liberty. Our next book is Junot Diaz's Pulitzer Prize winning The Brief and Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao. I'm curious to see how it is. I've known about it since it was published and Diaz is a writer that everyone has had their eye on since this book came out. I'm really looking forward to April's Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close by Jonathan Safran Foer. I read his debut Everything is Illuminated and I loved it so much. He's incredible with character development and weaving intricate stories together. I'm jazzed! I'm just glad the group took my suggestion!

It'll be a year in June since we started the book club. I've gotten at least one job through the club, if not two, and a possible third. It's such an awesome group of women. I have a great time every time. Even if it seems a little awkward at times. But that could just be my big mouth.

February 14, 2011

Assholes All of Them

On our way to breakfast this morning Mike and I discovered that our diver's side side-view mirror was knocked off and hanging only by the cord. I hung my head in defeat. This will be the third time I will replace that mirror on my lovely car Cagney. The last time I replaced it was in September. I got a whopping seven months out of this one. The last one was shattered on the non-mirror side and stayed that way for two years. Since the mirror still worked, and the glass was in one piece it passed inspection. Once the glass broke, we had to replace it.

I've bought five new side mirrors. Five. That's one, two, three, four, five. Three driver's and two passenger's. And that's not including the two that came with the car. I think I should invest in the tool kit that takes the inside of the car door off- I've watched my friend's cousin replace it twice. I'm now a wizened pro.

Who does that? This was obviously knocked by another car parallel parking behind my car. There's a mark on the back of the mirror. This can only mean they damaged their mirror too! What happened to a sense of responsibility? Is it totally dead? Does no one do the right thing anymore? If I knocked someone's mirror off I would leave a note! There's no way they didn't notice. What a bunch of assholes.

We ended up superglueing the mirror and then ducttaping it to the car to make the glue stick. Do we want to close our mirrors every time we park the car? No. But it looks like it is now a necessity. I just hope we didn't superglue the wrong parts that makes it impossible.

February 8, 2011

Perhaps a Pre-bed Shower is Called For

Thank God I gave myself extra time to get ready for work after my swim because a cleaning lady threw out my towel, shampoo, conditioner and face wash. And then I made her go to the dumpster and get it back.

Here's what happened. I had the car today and thought I would go for a swim and then go to work from there. I set my towel and accoutrement up in the shower so I could just get going more quickly, maybe do a few extra laps. I've never done it before and only did it today because I thought I would be the only person in the locker room. No biggie.

I swam for 35 minutes and when I turned the corner to the shower all my stuff was gone. The cleaning lady was still in the locker room so I asked her if she'd seen my stuff. She said yes- that she threw it away. I looked at her in disbelief and asked if it was in the trash can she had with her. She said no- that she threw it in the dumpster. She then went to explain that things left out for a long time get thrown out. I told her it was only there for 20 minutes!! (I lied, okay? Sue me.) I just kept saying I have to go straight to work from here, that's my stuff, what am I going to do? So I asked her if there was anyway she can get it for me. Get it out of the dumpster. I was as nice as one can be when asking someone to do something kind of very gross. And she found everything but the face wash- all the other shower stuff was in one container. The loss of the face wash is one I can live with. Well, not really. I have to. I wasn't about to make her go back and get a little bottle. That would be crossing the line into douchebaggery. But if I didn't get my toiletry bag back I would've been pissed.

I easily could've dried myself off with paper towels and a blow-dryer. I've done it before. But it would've taken longer than I had left at this point. And I could've just put my hair back in a bun without washing with shampoo but I would've felt gross. So I smelled the otherwise clean looking towel and dealt with what it could've been dumped with and dried off with it. (Though I saved the special bits and used a paper towel on those.)

On my way out I asked the desk attendant to please thank the cleaning lady for me and that I really appreciated what she did for me. I wasn't angry ever, just in kind of a shock. So I wanted her to know that the fact she climbed in a dumpster did not go unnoticed or appreciated. I would've said more to her when she brought my stuff back but I got the sense she wanted to get the hell away from the jerk who asked her to do something kind of humiliating. She left her cart in the locker room and just left. I cannot in any way blame her.