February 14, 2011

Assholes All of Them

On our way to breakfast this morning Mike and I discovered that our diver's side side-view mirror was knocked off and hanging only by the cord. I hung my head in defeat. This will be the third time I will replace that mirror on my lovely car Cagney. The last time I replaced it was in September. I got a whopping seven months out of this one. The last one was shattered on the non-mirror side and stayed that way for two years. Since the mirror still worked, and the glass was in one piece it passed inspection. Once the glass broke, we had to replace it.

I've bought five new side mirrors. Five. That's one, two, three, four, five. Three driver's and two passenger's. And that's not including the two that came with the car. I think I should invest in the tool kit that takes the inside of the car door off- I've watched my friend's cousin replace it twice. I'm now a wizened pro.

Who does that? This was obviously knocked by another car parallel parking behind my car. There's a mark on the back of the mirror. This can only mean they damaged their mirror too! What happened to a sense of responsibility? Is it totally dead? Does no one do the right thing anymore? If I knocked someone's mirror off I would leave a note! There's no way they didn't notice. What a bunch of assholes.

We ended up superglueing the mirror and then ducttaping it to the car to make the glue stick. Do we want to close our mirrors every time we park the car? No. But it looks like it is now a necessity. I just hope we didn't superglue the wrong parts that makes it impossible.

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