November 12, 2009

What Will It Be Next? Bets?

Mike is cool enough to drop me off at the Y on his way to work. It's literally on the way so it's no skin off of his teeth and I've timed out his routine so I don't make him wait to leave. It's nice because I get two hours to an hour and a half to work out and we get to spend a few minutes together in the morning. It's pretty seamless. And very awesome.

I get my stuff together the night before so it only takes me about eight minutes to do all I need to do before we head out. I've been pretty good at having the stuff I need to go ready the night before. Last night I was packing my stuff and I was surprised at how light my backpack was. I wasn't planning on swimming this morning so I just assumed that the missing hair dryer and swim gear made the difference. I double checked that I had my bra and knickers (thank goodness I checked) and went on to get my food together. As we were leaving this morning I realized why my backpack was so light- I forgot to pack my towel. I didn't have time to run upstairs so I asked Mike if I could use his sweatshirt for a towel. I got a resounding no so I popped the trunk to see if there was something that would suffice. All I could find were a pair of sweatpants so I grabbed them.

I'm in the locker room getting stuff out for an easy grab so I'm not standing around all naked-like later when I realize I forgot MY SHOWER SHOES. Not only did I have to dry myself off with a lint ball and God-know-what-else, now I have to shower unprotected. I comforted myself with the fact that I've only seen two separate people use that shower, each with flip flops, and went on with my workout.

When I was stretching I meditated that Whatever would make an empty locker room for me. There was no one in the gym so I hoped there would be no one in the locker room. And behold! There wasn't. So I stripped and hopped in the shower, took the quickest one I could whilst still getting clean and grabbed the sweatpants. Yeah. Not so much. The layers of fabric made it impossible to get a grip. So on to plan B. I ended up standing by the sink drying myself off with a combination of paper towels and the Y-provided hair dryer. It's working pretty well when someone comes in and sees me. I stopped immediately. Thankfully I was dry so I got dressed and went on with my morning.

Something tells me I need to make a check-list for tomorrow. Or suck it up and rent a locker.

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tania said...

You're hilarious! Of course this happened to you. = )