November 11, 2009

Project This

I really love going to weddings that have pictures of the bride and groom from before they met, after they met and all the friends and family they've had along the way. It's fun for many reasons- you get to see your friends as babies, you get to see them as awkward teens and you get to see their parents at their age. I've been trying to figure out the best way for us to do this at our wedding. One couple took time to show everyone, one couple had it playing in the background during dinner, and another had pictures near the desserts on a poster board. I think playing it on a loop in the background is the best for us. We want to have a massive, four hour long dance party as our reception so time is of the essence and space is limited. The biggest problem, how are we going to play the slide show?

Mike has been taking a class for professional development that seems to have a lot of grant money to throw around. The class is about using multi-media in the classroom so it makes sense when Mike comes home with a ridiculous loot. He's come home from one class with a net book, and another class with a video camera and a projector. All to keep. For himself. Even if he never teaches again. Since then, I've become an Internet widow who is constantly being videotaped. As is the cat. The projector is still in the box, thank goodness. So, the problem of playing the slide show is solved! Now we just need a scanner. I wonder if Mikey has another class coming up?

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