November 11, 2010

Who Doesn't Want to Feel Pretty?

Baking is something I've always enjoyed. Starting at age ten I would just start baking. Somehow my mother had no problem with that... Anyway, I didn't burn the house down or anything so it turns out she was right. Hear that Universe, she was RIGHT! (I need some karma points. But I really mean it. Really.) I kept baking when I got my own apartment. I didn't do too much scratch baking in college- I made a lot of muffins from a box. But I baked nevertheless.

When I started Weight Watchers AGES ago (I'm so tired of it) I started cooking for myself. I really couldn't tell you what I ate before WW. I made a lot of stuff from total scratch. And loved it. It would take me hours to make something that now takes me no time at all, even if it's a new recipe. It was learning the quick ways to chop vegetables and fruit that made it easier for me. And now that I've been doing it for so long has made it easier for me to know what goes well with what. So I'm turning into quite the connoisseur of herbs paired with meat.

I'm always looking for new stuff to try so when my friend Teresa started her food blog I kept my eye out. I stopped cooking frequently for a while but recently I relish the time to make a real dinner and I've been on her blog almost every day. It helps that she posts every day. She puts her attempts at making recipes she finds all over the place. I made her peanut butter-chocolate chip-oatmeal cookies and they were AWESOOOOOME! And tonight I made the kale/chicken hand pies she adapted from Martha Stewart. I haven't eaten them yet but let's just see how they look:

Hers looked less like diseased balls of dough and more like this. What is the matter with my cooking? I mean it was really nummers and I would make it again (only remembering to chop the kale up more) but why can't my food be pretty too?

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Teresa said...

YAY! Thanks for the shout out!

Dough is a learning process. I have been working with it since I was about 8 years old. It is a fickle mistress. When you caress her just right she looks gorgeous and smooth and perfect (even when you mess up) and then sometimes she breaks down at something stupid, crumbling into a thousand pieces.

I have two pieces of advice about working with dough:
1. NEVER under water. I know thats a weird thing to say, but it is way easier to fix dough that is too wet than too dry. Add extra water to the dough and then work with it on a heavily floured surface and it is less likely to get crumbled and ripped
2. NEVER re-roll. Even if you have to piece together dough to make some Frankenstein monster, do not re-roll. It is better to have dough that looks bad than the alternative. It gets tough and harder to work with and barely ever comes out right the second time. Tastes worse too.