November 30, 2010

Proof in the Pudge

It's been at least three years since my pants have been uncomfortably tight. So I guess I thought it was time to be uncomfortable in my own skin again. Success achieved. Question mark? What it all comes down to is I need to get some new pants or people will be able to make out the impressions of cellulite on my ass. No one wants that. (Except maybe the cellulite fetishists. I know they're out there.) But I can't afford new pants. Eye, there's the rub.

I've already started to feel the familiar and slow click of knowing when to say no to food. And not working out like I used to is making a big fatty difference. And I've been feeling stale towards Weight Watchers for a while now. It seems, though, that there is a new program in town and it may be the jolt I need in terms of tracking my food. But I wouldn't know. Because I've been trying to log onto the new website ALL DAY and it isn't working for me. All these people on the Facebook page are ranting and raving about this new program and I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT IS HAPPENING. I'm really angry. I understand that something like this will have glitches. BUT WHAT IS THE PROBLEM? WW must have anticipated computer problems. At first I thought it was computer based, but no computer I've tried is working. I can't get past the main intro. I'm furious.

This isn't a resolution. I just need to get my act together. Again. Does anyone else have this cycle? I'd like to not feel like I'm the only person out there with such crazy weight wackiness. I don't know many other people who so obviously gain and lose weight like I do. It's annoying. Why can't I just get it and stop rollercoastering? It's so annoying.


Teresa said...

I'm with you sister. On all counts. I have decided that December is a wash because I cannot in good faith stop myself from eating treats during the Christmas season. I like making them too much. But I am planning, in January, to try the dreaded "No added sugar" rule in Health Month. It will be my downfall, I swear.

Also, I thought, "Hey, WW, you've been boring me, but YEAH, maybe this is a great idea!" and to no avail. I too thought it was a computer problem. WTH is wrong with them?

I am constantly going up and down with my weight. If I am really paying attention and committed to it, I lose weight. If I eat regularly and still run, I stay the same. But lately I've been baking a lot and my weight goes up and down weekly. And I notice. I assume other people do too, but I know I do. And I hate that my pants are tight.

Tina Winston said...

I know I've got a temporary pass being pregnant and all, but before that I was struggling, too. I got tired of WW awhile ago and found that I was pretty good at eating healthy on my own. It's exercise that is the big problem for me. I don't have the willpower to do it, so even with a good diet the weight was creeping back on.

I plan to go to our local gym and get a personal trainer to help me lose the baby weight, and if I do it long enough I hope to make it a habit.

I hope you can get back into WW, or find another inspiring way to keep on track. I have every confidence in you, you know what you want and you're willing to work to get it, so don't give up, babes! And remember, no matter what you're a beautiful person, inside and out! Love you! xoxo