November 29, 2010

Put a Little Love in Your Heart

Does anyone have a favorite holiday movie? We all have movies we very much enjoy when it comes to Christmas. I have my holiday canon that consists of Mr. Bean's Christmas, Love Actually, National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation, Home Alone, and Elf. If I miss movies like A Christmas Story, Planes Trains and Automobiles (I think the only reason I don't make it on the must list is because of how HARD I CRY), Prancer, et cetera I'm okay with it. If I catch them bonus. There is one movie, however, that if I don't watch it at least once in a Christmas season the whole season is rendered a total bust. And that movie is Scrooged.

I'm sure I've covered this before. There's no way I haven't. But I'm too lazy to look through the archives. And it's been at least a year so for those of you who've been around that long you've probably forgotten. Besides, I don't care. I love this movie that much. It is a work of genius. It's appropriately sarcastic, heartwarming, funny, sad, festive and bah humbug. It truly encompasses everything I love about Christmas. And it's impeccable thanks to Bill Murray. He's hilarious. And touching. And kind of sexy... For a movie made in 1988 it is timeless and frighteningly prescient at times. A Christmas movie where Santa fights assassins? I swear I saw a commercial for that on Spike last week.

A year or so ago Mike and I went with our friend Jessica to see it at a local movie theatre that shows old movies for cheap. And she'd never seen it. NEVER KNOWN OF IT. First of all, it's like Home Alone in that television stations will air it all times of the year and second of all, really? No idea? Here's the preview in case some of you are in the same boat. I hope you can watch it. I'll be watching my worn out VHS until the cows come home. Moo.

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emily anne:) said...

My fave has to be Miracle on 34th Street, the old one of course. But A Christmas Story and It's a Wonderful Life come close.