December 2, 2010

Did You Miss Me?

This evening I was putting aside my lunch for tomorrow- baked macaroni and cheese leftovers. Instead of washing off a spoon just to make it immediately dirty again I used the fork with which I ate my dinner. I barely got through the cold macaroni before the plastic handle flew off the fork flying into my face. (I'm okay.) Mike, alarmed, asked me what was wrong. As I flung the pieces into the trash can (and missing) I flew into the doorway to the living room and proclaimed I JUST WANT REAL SILVERWARE- WE HAVE NO FORKS. (That's not even true.) Mike burst into laughter and I couldn't help but laugh as well. How ridiculous. We only have four forks left and two of them are mystery forks that Mike brought home from school. Someone is missing a fork from their legitimate silverware set and we have an ad hoc melange of cutlery. In what kind of world do we live? An unacceptable world. That's what kind.


dad said...

Congrats on blog a day in November. I find it hard to construct something even once a week. Keep writing!

Teresa said...

I didn't miss you when you wrote this, but now I do. I miss our blogofriendship!

Alternately, are we going to see you in person soon?


belleshpgrl said...

Will you be coming up here? That would be AWESOME! Yeah, I've been TERRIBLE about not posting.