November 2, 2010

How Old Am I?

Mike asked me if I wanted to run in the Stockade-athon 15k this Sunday. I said I would. I didn't do so hot last year but I did it. We want to use the race as part of our training for the Philadelphia half-marathon. He's going for speed I'm going for stamina. But then again, he always goes for speed and I always go for stamina. I'm so slow he'll never run with me in a race. It gets pretty lonely.

I get it. He's faster than I am and running with me would really, really get in the way of his goals. And at least we stand at the start-line together and he'll wait for me at the finish line. It just sucks how slow I am. I've been spotty with my training but even when I'm on my game I'm at best a 10:30 mile. He runs an 8:30. So it's a huge slow-down for him. And I'm just whining about something kind of silly. Right?

Anyway, lately my right hip has been hurting me after my run. Yesterday I did a comfortable and enjoyable 5 mile run. Today I thought I would build on it and do 7 miles or so. But when I was not very far into it my left Achilles Tendon started to ache and my hip was twinging. So I ended up doing 1.5 miles because pain=no gain. I want to gain so I stopped with the pain. And went to vote earlier than I had planned. Where I was almost on television picking my underwear out of my ass.


Teresa said...

Its times like these I wish we lived closer. It would be nice to have a running buddy who runs slow like me. :) I run somewhere around a 10:15 myself. Sometime we should do a race together! (Though I don't know how I feel about a half marathon)

AuPair Extraordinaire said...

Classy Katherine... real classy ;)