November 1, 2010

How Did it Go? Eh.

The Harvest Cleanse started for me on Saturday, the 23rd, and ended Friday, the 29th. To be specific, it ended at 4:45pm on Friday. I couldn't take not eating anymore and had some popcorn. Then I had macaroni and cheese for dinner. I was starving! STARVING. For breakfast I had a pear with some almonds. Then for lunch I had a few bites of a left-over squash meal that did not reheat well in a microwave. For a snack, I had an apple and some peanut butter. The day before was not much better. So there is no hyperbole when I say STARVING.

A mental post-mortem brought me to the realization that all week I've been eating the same textures. Textures that I can only have in moderation on a good day. Legumes and squash and baked fruit is fine if I only have one serving a day. If it's all I have in a day I start to gag. It got to the point that I just forced myself to eat things. Nothing tasted bad. It all tasted really wonderful. But if I had to eat one more lentil soup I was going to vomit. I couldn't even force down the salad I made to eat with the mac and cheese.

I could've just eaten some more apples or made some hummus but really, at that point I had so little energy I couldn't do much. Mike actually microwaved the popcorn for me because I was lying on the couch drooling in exhaustion. I was looking forward to going on a run when I got home because it was such a lovely day but there was no way it was going to happen. I would've collapsed 100 years in.

Though I ended my cleanse a few hours early, and then ate like a fat person on death row the next day, I still did a great thing for my body. Besides, I went to a birthday party, a breakfast, and a book club without eating anything that wasn't on the cleanse. I really pushed myself. And learned that I have waaaay too much sugar in my diet. Oh my God that headache was all abot sugar withdrawal. So, let's see if I can cut that back. No more ice cream and only one hot chocolate a week. I can do this!

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