September 27, 2010

Refreshing Tunes for the Fall

I don't listen to the radio much since I'm never in the car- the only place where I ever put the radio on. But I took myself on a hike (which was ah-maze-ing thank you) and needed the car to get myself to the trail head. I was so thrilled to not feel confined to a bus schedule or someone else's schedule for me. I was elated at the freedom. So on the radio went. And I immediately heard some great stuff.

There's my favorite kind of sunny weather jam: Enrique Iglesias' "I Like It"

And I heard another obscure band called The XX. When first at a computer I found out that they're going to be in Boston on Sunday and I think I can convince Mike to go... Here's their effing awesome song "Crystalized":

When I'm on the bus I listen to Pandora Radio on my cellphone. It's amazing. The website creates a playlist on an artist you choose. I have a Florence and the Machine channel (indie rock), a Lucy Pearl channel (plays excellent urban, hip hop and R&B), a New Order Channel (for my new wave addiction) and a Joy Division channel (for when I want a little punk mixed into my new wave). I get the most mileage out of the Florence channel. Where I heard this ditty. Macintosh Bruan's "My Time":

I hope you found something new and cool of these three. I know I did.

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Emily said...

When did you go on a hike? Would of loved to go! I have heard The XX before. Good pick. Cool that they are playing in Boston - wish I had money to go there and see them play.. Have fun!