May 11, 2010

One Down, Two or Three to Go

After serious Internet research I've found the results from my first true race of the season. I shaved a minute off of my whole time! One hour and 35 minutes. I'm surprised since my run felt so bad. I probably could have shaved more if my stomach didn't bother me during the last third. I don't know what it was. I had part of a smoothie hours prior- enough time to not be the issue- so I have no idea what could be the culprit for the discomfort. Lack of good sleep? Perhaps.

I can't say I did too bad. I just don't know if I did my overall best. I swam in 6:30, biked in 46:34 and ran in 37 flat. The swim felt terrible as did the run. But the bike portion felt great. I know I want to invest in clips or some other pedaling assistance so that could only help me feel even better. As for the swim it could have been nerves or the fact that I focused on other training this time. I incorporated more biking and running for this race- which explains the bike portion. For the next race, which is June 26th, I will try to be more well rounded in the training. I'm playing around with P90X this month to see how that works out. Overall conditioning is good, right?

As for the cleanse leading up to the race? I think I'm going to do that for many races. I want to cleanse for a few days or a whole week beforehand to clear out the sludge of whatever I usually eat. I don't eat that much processed food, but we all know how I am about baked goods. Cutting that out was just fine. I just need to keep my eye on the prize for each race. And by prize I mean fitting into the tri-suit. I mean, really. I'm not going to be winning any of these things any time soon- or at all. Cleanse or no cleanse.

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