May 5, 2010

It Takes Two, Thyroid. TWO!

Since Saturday I've been living an experiment. I've been trying to find a middle ground with what I ate and learned on the cleanse and what I would like to keep eating as a normal person. I can't come to a good conclusion in these four days. This week I want to introduce things in for sure because I have my wedding shower (SCONES!) and stag night (BOOZE!) on Saturday. My body can certainly handle it even if I did continue the cleanse but I really don't want to find out the hard way.

On Saturday, when I had my first bite of something sugary, I went into sugar shock- to be fair it was a lot of sugar- but I didn't really feel a crash. Then I had pizza and a beer on Sunday. Felt fine. And as of Monday morning didn't gain any weight back. So I slowly starting adding things like popcorn, some cheese and a few other carby things. This morning I weighed myself and gained some weight back! It takes time to gain weight, just like it takes time to lose weight. I get it. But considering how quickly I lost the weight I shouldn't be surprised that I wouldn't gain it back as quickly. Oh but I am. Silly me. However, I didn't go back to eating the same way! I'm really trying to take it slow and find a middle ground where I can exist for all eternity. I'm just surprised at how little it took for my body to respond so negatively.

My plan? This week keep the hybrid and let loose this weekend. I'm going to live a little. Next week, we'll get back on plan and do some herbal cleansing as well as dietary cleansing. I just hate feeling out of control of my body. It is icky. Hear that, Thyroid? I hate it! ICKY! I'm doing my part. Why aren't you? I hate pulling other people's slack. So get to it!

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Tina Winston said...

You should really take note of how you are feeling as you introduce things back into your diet. You could have food sensitivities that are causing inflammation of your gut, and thereby causing all manner of other symptoms, including bloat and weight gain. I think I have food sensitivities as well, so I'm also doing a cleansing diet for a week or so, to eliminate potential problem foods then slowly reintroduce them. Also, a lady I work with said that every time she had her thyroid tested it was in the normal range, but she was still really having problems. So they did a blood test for something called C-reactive protein. The higher your level of CRP, the more inflamed your body is and can affect the function of your immune system (read thyroid). It turns out she did have hypothyroidism. She went on the 'caveman' diet and got all the junk out of her system and now she feels great with small amounts of grain, sugar, etc. Anywho, good luck and have fun letting loose! xo