December 16, 2009

Oh Baby It's Christmas

Word on the street is my beloved Y branch might be closing due to financial woes. I've been signing petitions and contacting fellow members to see what we can do to stop it from closing. I'm also thinking of starting an email campaign. I understand that it's been operating in a deficit for twenty years but so has my theatre and we're not closing. The Y is more than a gym- it's a refuge. It's the only branch that serves an immobile population of Albany. The majority of members of this branch don't have cars (either by choice or financial necessity) and the location is vital to helping at risk youth stay out of dangerous situations. I'm going to do all I can to help keep it open. We'll know in January what the plan is, it's just a waiting game at this stage. It's the only gym I can go to during the week- it's on the way to work; the hours are the best; and it has a pool. The other branch in Albany that I can go to isn't on a bus line so I can't get to it without a car. It's a total bummer.

So to cheer me and anyone else reading this bummed out by that info I'm posting some Christmas songs that I didn't post last year. I'm still on Mission New-Christmas-Music but this year I didn't really find anything I'm really gaga over but I do enjoy Jack's Mannequin's "The Lights and the Buzz." Jack's Mannequin is the new project of the singer of Something Corporate, the now defunct piano rock band of the early 2000s. Check it out but make sure you turn the volume down- this one's really loud:

Last year I failed to post one of my three favorites- Wham's "Last Christmas." I just can't get enough of this song. My friend PJ played U2's "Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)" on repeat for two hours last year because he loves it so much. I think that's how much I love this song. I have a question for you: Do you think she gave George's heart away the very next day because he whispered "I can do this" every time they had sex? Or was it something else? Like maybe his proclivity for making out with dudes?

Nothing is wrong with your eyesight. Please forgive the blurry video.

This next ditty was introduced to me two years ago by my friend Tania. It's a hilarious cover of a Tom Heinl song called "The Christmas Tree's On Fire." This is the third favorite Christmas song. (I can't remember if I even know what my first is. It might be Sarah McLachlan's cover of "Merry X-Mas" or it's Bing and Bowie... oh man it's so tough! It's my own personal Sophie's choice.) Pay attention to the final musical phrase. It's what makes the song for me.


I'm probably forgetting some really awesome tunes. If so, let me know. Have you found any new songs that get you in the cockles? Share in the comments?

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Bridget said...

Merry Christmas from the Family - Robert Earl Keen