November 24, 2009

She's Turning It to Eleven

Mike and I came home on Sunday to two large dollops of cat poop. In the hallway. Right outside the bathroom. I immediately checked the bedroom and bed. She didn't do anything in there. Just in the hallway. She obviously had digestive issues so it wasn't revenge poop, it was probably the-carpet-is-helping-her kind of poop. Don't worry- I completely disinfected each spot, Mike cleaned the litter box, and I made sure she had lots of water.

When I got home from work yesterday there was another little present from Fluffy. In the same spot but on one of her toys. If she didn't like the toy she could've just said so. Again I checked the bed and again it was clean and clear. And like usual, there were smear marks on the bathroom floor. The cat looked surprised to see them there, like "Woah! Who did that?!" Cheeky monkey. There weren't any dollops this morning so I'm hoping she's getting better from whatever it is.

She's done this before but only when she's constipated. I once set up cat grass for her to eat instead of my plants- which she happily did- but it blocked her up and I found poo smears everywhere. So I took the grass away and she was fine. But lately, if we leave dry food out for her to eat she'll develop problems. I guess I should try and figure out if there's something she's allergic to in the dry food and try another brand like I did with the wet food. I'll tell you, she is quite a dry run for parenthood.

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