November 25, 2009

What a Happy Coincidence

I totally forgot to tell you all this awesome story from the weekend. As you know, I made Thanksgiving dinner. And Mike made a pumpkin pie. It was a new recipe we used, I don't for the life of me remember where I found it, and I made sure we bought all the items that one doesn't usually have in the house. You know- pureed pumpkin, pre-made pie crust, ground cloves, etc. And considering we were at Mom's boyfriend Bob's house, he doesn't have anything in the house so I bought ground cinnamon and ginger. Bob doesn't cook. At all. In fact, his garlic powder has solidified in the shaker and the company that makes it is now defunct. I checked.

So Mike's whisking the pie concoction to a perfect blend and I'm bringing him stuff and taking stuff away to accommodate the lack of counter space. I go to get the sugar only to discover that Bob only has cubed sugar and sugar packets from circa 1977. I look at Mike and look at the sugar. A decision was made. So to the packets we went. We opened every single, ancient sugar packet we could find. And miraculously, it was the perfect amount of sugar. Somehow, Bob knew that one day we would need 3/4 cup of sugar and he collected just enough to make that dream a reality. And thank God for it.

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