August 16, 2009

I'm an Asshole

Dear That's Just Wonky,

I'm so sorry I've neglected you so much for the past month. Who knew unemployment could be so time consuming? I ache for quiet time alone for weeks at a time but when faced with an unknown length of loneliness I panic. I didn't want to wallow so I made sure I was busy. Luckily I still had the part-time job that called me in for some day hours and my free-lance writing assignments to give me some structure. You can check out a post that has Mike's name on it but I wrote it and took all the pictures and here's one that has my name on it, though I wrote it before I was canned.

I was also away on a pre-planned vacation in the Adirondacks for five days. Every year I treat the trip like a fitness spa. I swam a total of 2 miles on the lake, ran a total of eleven miles, and biked a total of twenty. I loved every minute of it. It really helped me feel prepared for the triathlon that I have in two weeks. The road was pretty much the terrain I needed to train on so I'm feeling very strong this year. I'm also slowly building up my mileage each run for the half-marathon. Running in the mountains was great because the air is clearer and the roads aren't as bumpy as Albany's sidewalks. But for all the time I spent outside I didn't get much sun. The air was too cold and the wind was too fierce for sunbathing but perfect for flying my kite. Mike and I tried to fly a kite for thirty minutes before I gave up on it and tried the other kite in the kit. It turns out the first kite we were using wasn't even made with all its parts. We were flying a kite with no skeleton and no rudder. I looked pretty stupid for a while there. I want my money back.

The Monday after we came back, which was last Monday, from the wonderful mountains I started a new job. It's a job in theatre and I couldn't be more excited. As my friend Karen put it, I started my career on Monday. It was a crazy, stressful week but I've already been doing the kind of work I've always wanted to do. I am just beside myself. It's only up from here.

My softball team has also been busy with make-up games and kicking ass in the play-offs. I was second base for two games last week and I haven't played that position in two years. But! I made two outs, stopped a hard hit and scored a run on my own hitting and base running. It was a pretty exciting few weeks in the Colt .45 nation.

I know these are all just excuses but believe me, I've missed you too. I've been thinking about you constantly but every time I was in front of a computer more urgent things would require my attention, like finding a job and looking at porn. One day, I was in front of my computer for five hours, sitting in my triathlon suit, because I was just going to check my email before I worked out but the next thing I know I applied to three jobs and organized some important data. Not to mentioned getting my wonderful job offer. That whole time wearing what amounts to be an adult onesie.

So never fear Wonky. I'm back. And I won't neglect you like that again. I promise.



Tina Winston said...

I'm so glad you're back ;). Studies have shown a positive correlation between the rise of unemployment rates and the increase in online porn viewings. True stuff. Also, my sister-in-law and I decided, while watching shark week at the beach, that the reason all those guys got eaten by sharks back in the day was because of their onesies. So, fair warning. Hopefully no sharks currently reside in Lake George. Good luck.

Tina Winston said...

p.s. you're not an asshole, you just had life. jesus and i love you.

The Common Daisy said...

Congratulations on the new job! I'm glad you are back to bloging it's good to read your voice again.