July 31, 2009

Oh How Fast It All Goes

At 7:45am tomorrow morning I will be en route to Baltimore/Washington International Airport to meet up with my friend Pamela so we can go to our ten year high school reunion. Pamela is one of few friends from high school with whom I speak regularly. I moved to England three days after graduating from high school so I didn't get to spend breaks with friends or that last shebang summer before college with any of my high school friends. So. It will be an honest ten years since I've seen many of the people with whom I spent three awesome years. I'm very excited to go and I really hope my ass is an appropriate size.

I really enjoyed high school. Everywhere we moved was a better social situation for me and it culminated with a great high school experience. I met great people and learned what I wanted to do with my life while in high school. So yeah! I'm fairly excited. I am a little sad that it will limit me to seeing friends only from my class. And even then not all of them. We scattered pretty effectively.

Despite my excitement I can't help but worry that I failed somewhere. I lost my job. I'm not (yet) married. I have no kids. I don't own a house. My life isn't all that thrilling. If I lived in a city being all fabulous I don't think I'd care so much, not that the size of Albany should count against me. Many people from high school got master's degrees, got married, bought houses, had kids and can already afford solo vacations on the Outerbanks. I can claim none of those things. I chose a different path. And I know that. I don't even know why that's really bothering me. I must not be really okay with the path I did pick and where life has taken me. What else can explain this ill-ease? The people I'm going to be spending most of my time with tomorrow night are people who don't give a shit about that kind of stuff. We'll have fun regardless of the degrees we have or the amount of money we make. I know that. So I should just forget my worries and look forward to shooting the shit with my friends while we wait in line for the buffet complete with open bar. Yeah. That's what I'm going to do. And it's going to be awesome.