July 14, 2009

Look Out Next Year

The race results are finally posted so I am able to do a post mortem. I did this race last year in 1:32:49. This year's race was completed in 1:33:25. I shaved 45 seconds from my swim, shaved a minute from my run but added two minutes on the bike. I must admit I'm kind of bummed. I am ten pounds heavier this year (my boss says that must be muscle- I don't agree) so that could account for some sluggishness and I wasn't as regimented in my training as last year. I'm okay with how I did. I only really added 45 seconds overall, not whole minutes. It's just I thought I had shaved time off the whole thing and I didn't.

Unlike last year I felt great once it was over. I didn't want to vomit and the weather was gorgeous so I could actually talk to Pat, Lyndy and Mike while we waited for Mike's cousin Diana to reach the finish line. I didn't feel so great at the start. While I was putting my nose-plug on my hand was shaking crazily. This could have been due to the fact that I drank some of Mike's super-energy drink before we went and that stuff makes me shaky. I couldn't have been that nervous.

I think I've learned some lessons for the next race:

1. I need to get toe-clips. Being able to pull up on the bike pedals will help with speed, time and stress on my legs. Hopefully it would make the ride just a little more enjoyable.

2. Get a different water bottle. The one I used wouldn't open all the way for me to get any of my Gatorade.

3. Drinking Gatorade (or trying to anyway) was better in the long run than just water. But just Gatorade will not cut it after the race. I need to eat something immediately afterward.

4. Always get there early. Getting there as early as we did was super! We were able to get to the bathroom when there was no line and we were able to get our bearings and enjoy the beautiful morning.

I am training lightly this week but I only have 43 days until my next race. I'll be doing more bike-centric training for this one. But then once it's over I will be doing nothing but running and swimming. It's all so close! Before I know it I will be running over the finish line of the half-marathon!

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