July 13, 2009

Did Anyone Notice?

I finally got around to changing my masthead over the weekend. I try to change the image each month though I know not everyone notices. The image is always one that I've taken myself of something that I've done or seen or find particularly striking. This month is from the top of Mount Greylock after the hike of tremendous proportion. The storm that was coming was on the other side of the mountain, behind us, and this was the view with which we were blessed.

Last month's image was of tulips that were planted in a traffic island a few blocks from my apartment. I made people wait at a traffic light while I took the picture from my driver's side door. I kept it up for two months because tulip season doesn't last long enough, if you ask me, and it was too pretty for me to take away. I figured it was time to change it. I hope you like this month's and I hope you like all the others I take.


Tina Winston said...

I like all the pictures you share on your blog. I think using your own images for the header image is a great idea (and I do notice when you change them :)).

jana said...

I read your blog on a feed aggregator so I don't see your masthead. :(