May 27, 2009

Wedding Project #1

I mentioned some wedding projects I've been working on and here is the flower project. I read on one of the fabulous wedding blogs I browse about making fabric boutonnieres so I bought a bunch of fabrics in my colors of purple, teal, and gold. My crafty friends Karen and Lyndy helped me cut and put some prototypes together and here's what we came up with:

We have enough to make bouquets, boutonnieres, and corsages. The whole gang will have their flowers of fabric and made by hand. I love it. These are just the beginning. I hope the others will look less... smooshed. I bought the wrong gauge wires and trying to wrap the wires around the fabric was proving difficult and resulted in the smooshed look. I haven't touched the project in months but it's so much fun. I need to get it in sight so it's in mind- right now it's in the office. It's so easy I can just pick it up whenever I'm sitting around watching Golden Girls- which is turning into three hours a day. I never realized how funny that show really is. It totally stands the test of time. I digress. If you need a project I totally suggest you take up making some fabric flowers.

The thing that's most exciting about them is surprisingly not how cheap they are to make but the fact that everyone involved will have a souvenir that lasts. I know the fellows aren't going to use them as book marks or something but their lady friends can. It's also really fantastic putting more than my money into the wedding. I'm putting my sense of style into it. I'm very excited.


Emily said...

I think they look fantastic. Whimsical and fun without out looking too much like a craft project - you know? Keep with it !

belleshpgrl said...

Thank you so much!

dad said...

These are really neat. and I agree with Emily, they don't look amateurish or home-crafty. well done!