October 9, 2008

I Truly Don't Understand

I can understand why people want the government out of their business. I don't want the government all up in my reproductive/sexual health business but I think that's different from what conservatives deem "little government." I was always sort of confused about what that means exactly but I know true conservatives don't like a lot of taxes. I could be very wrong here but do they not like taxes because they think government sponsored programs are handouts for lazy people? I'm not including property taxes for public education (how many conservatives really send their kids to public schools anyway?) or taxes that will pave the public roads. I just get the idea that the fiscal conservatives (who I know to be all rich white dudes anyway) want to do whatever they want to get the tremendous money they make and keep it for themselves. Forget Joe Six-pack- he's just not working hard enough. Do I get the gist of it? This brings me to my questions- if Bush is all about little government and tax cuts for the wealthy, why is he bailing out the rich pricks whose fiscal recklessness got us into this economic mess in the first place with government money? They paid relatively fewer taxes than I did and my tax money is bailing them out? Why is Bush using government money to buy the majority of stocks in failing businesses? Is he turning socialist? Do I not really understand socialism and conservatism? What will be the backlash for the economy a few years down the line?

I don't know if I like the government owning stock in volatile companies and I'm a bit of a pinko. Those bankers who will make more money in an hour than I do in a month, who want less government than I do, and who are really only losing their yacht because they aren't getting their $6 million bonus this year are getting a government handout. I understand that these are desperate times and desperate measures blah blah. But what a bunch of hypocrites. There are people out there who are honestly trying to live the (no longer attainable) American dream and they don't qualify for government aid but these guys do?

I can't wrap my brain around it so I'm appealing to someone who might. Anyone care to explain why people who want the government out of their business suddenly want the government to save their business?

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Tina said...

it's just a band-aid. it's a lose-lose situation and the gov't is just trying to stop the bleeding. think Great Depression--it gave birth to some of the greatest democratic government programs in this country's history and that's what Bush is trying to avoid... my opinion, of course, based in no actual fact. :D