October 10, 2008


On my way into work today I saw a woman with her son attached to her by a leash. I wonder if that's just going to make him a momma's boy.

I didn't notice the painter on my porch this morning until after I put on pants.

Men who like cats are cool and quite masculine.

Isn't it sort of funny that the colors of fall are so vibrant when the leaves are really dying? I would like to go out in a flash of color just like they do.

I really wish I could quit baked goods, or at least cut back, but it seems impossible.

I hate the holiday season and I dread its arrival.

How are these ballots legal?

1 comment:

mvorpal said...

That "Osama" ballot could have been a freudian slip on someone's part, but it sure 'nuff sucks.