September 23, 2008

My Little Shop of Joys

I have a dentist appointment tommorow morning and I couldn't be more excited about it. I've been waiting for this cleaning for six months! I love getting my teeth cleaned and it helps that I go to a great office- they are super nice, they send plenty of reminders (like I need them), they remember that Mike and I live together so they ask if he needs reminders while I'm there (which he does) and my hygenists remember all kinds of things about me. This will be great!

I just hope I don't have any cavities. Apparently I have teeth of steel because when I went this time last year the hygenist noticed a softening of my tooth and the dentist said that based on what my other teeth looked like I have nothing to worry about. I only have one cavity- I got it when my sealant cracked (talk about irony) and I had a panic attack when I was told. I take seriously good care of my teeth. I guess you could say, they are my true money makers. Forget my face- that has nothing on my teeth. They tell me each time how great my teeth are. Who wouldn't love that?

I admit I should floss more but I've been using toothpicks and flossing behind my retainer much more consistently. I think they like me because I am really cheerful when I show up. I bet they don't get that too often. I show up with a smile and leave with a grin. This is the perfect week for a pick-me-up. Who knew it would come from a man in a lab coat with his fist in my mouth?

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