July 28, 2008

This Time it Will Be the Eye of the Wolverine

I set up my own training schedule for this next triathlon. It's not a bad schedule, it will just take a lot more of my time. I have to gear up for an 18 mile bike after all! I figured I averaged a 14.4 mph bike ride the last time so if I can maintain that average with this next race then I will be a-okay. My biggest worry is that the bike route is almost completely uphill. Anytime I go down a hill I will only come back to climb the hill- the route is an out and back. I'm sure I'll be fine but sheesh!

I'm looking forward to the half-mile swim. Since it'll be longer I hope to get a real head-start on the non-swimmers. This time I know to start on the side so I don't have to maneuver around people. I will be a wet blur of speed.

The run should be my best run because it'll be the shortest race distance yet. I'll feel more than prepared because Mike and I are running in a 3.5 mile trail run in one of my favorite Albany parks, Thatcher Park, on Sunday. It should be a really great time- it comes with a BBQ. (Please don't rain!!! I've been looking forward to this.) I've never run in the woods before. I'll have to see if they make malaria tent running suits. I hate mosquitoes but they loooove me. It's my sweet ass. For sure.

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