July 25, 2008

Can't Take My Eyes Off of You

I saw the Dark Knight opening day (night?) last week and it was pretty super. I'm not being blah about it. It was just so good that I don't know what else to say without sounding full of crap and hyperbole. But I can say that I felt like part of a special (and "special" [hell, who am I to judge? I have Mattel's Harley and Poison Ivy Barbie dolls on prominent display in my living room]) club of Batman fans going at midnight. The movie was super because it wasn't only a superbly acted film but it was a wonderful story about humanity. Go see it but you might want to stretch first because I got a cramp I was so tense.

We left the theatre already talking about Heath Ledger's amazing performance and whether or not his portrayal of The Joker is Oscar winning. I don't know. The Oscars have no real credibility for me. I know, I know, they're my Superbowl. Whatever. The awards are just a marketing ploy to get people to see all of the movies and serve as an excuse for LA to shut down and have their version of a "snow day." Otherwise, it's horribly boring navel gazing for people who already get fame and glory. It's almost like watching the collective Hollywood circle jerk but with designer gowns.

I do immensely enjoy guessing who's going to win and why. It's just as political as politics. Movies that are considered better don't always win. For example, Munich was a powerful and very well made film but it was largely snubbed due to its controversial Zionist stance. If Steven Spielberg didn't make it, it would've been swept under the rug. Besides, who's to quantify what is "better" in something as subjective as the arts? Film is an art form and after all, art is in the eye of the beholder.

Heath Ledger is undoubtedly considered one of the most talented actors of our generation. I would never have guessed the incredibly good-looking dude from Ten Things I Hate About You would be so critically lauded, but he is. His role in Brokeback Mountain is subtle and nuanced and heart-wrenching but I was stunned by The Dark Knight. His Joker was more than a crazy guy in make-up- he was dark and twisted and ... beautiful. Every time he was on screen my ovaries jumped to my throat. If Heath Ledger was still chained to the mortal coil he would very likely be nominated and just as likely win. I mean, if a Keith Richards impression garners a nomination, TWICE IN A ROW, this should fucking win. But I don't want him to win. I really don't. If he wins it will cheapen his achievement. He will win not because of his talent, he will win because he's dead. And he deserves more than that.


Tina said...

I completely agree. Do you think he would win if he were alive?

belleshpgrl said...

I don't think he would win if he were alive. They would give it to some old person or someone who would be another "first" for the Academy.